Intrecciato Intagli Hobo

  1. I've been looking at BVs for over a year now and am trying to decide which one would be best for me as I love the brand and the quality that it is famous for. At first I thought the medium veneta, then saw the sloane and now, after visiting, I think I may have found 'the one' is called the intrecciato intagli hobo (large veneta in dark ebano).

    Is this something I could use everyday as I'm not one to switch out bags on a regular basis. I work in a fairly casual environment but am planning on looking for a different job in the new year that will likely be more business casual dress. I'm 5'8'' and, shall we say, not very slim (although I hope someday I can call myself that :girlsigh:)

    My other question is what exactly is "intrecciato"? It looks like a weave within a weave. Is that why it is more expensive than the other venetas? Does it come in any other styles?

  2. Very pretty bag. It should work well as an everyday bag, especially in ebano. I've used my veneta as an everyday bag and it did well.
  3. I use mine as an everyday bag. It works well, especially comfort wise!

    I believe the intrecciato used on the Veneta is a solid piece of leather with slits cut out for woven strips. I'm sure someone will let me know if I'm wrong, but I remember just seeing someone post about this...

    Anyway, go for it!
  4. I love love love this bag: it can hold a lot, is light, beautiful and zips on top. I am so spoiled by this bag that it's hard to find another comparable one but I'm sure I'll manage. :love: Go for it! :tup:
  5. Go for it! It's a gorgeous bag and light as a feather!
  6. hi sand, go for it! mine's slung over my shoulder practically every day. the leather is buttery soft, the drape is perfect and it's so light i could skip around if i wanted to. :yes:
  7. Thanks you guys...I will probably order it but am going to wait until the 20th as I believe that is a Saks double or triple point day. My other alternative is to wait until mid December when we go to Vegas and I can check out all the BV in person.
  8. The Intrecciato Intagli is bigger than the regular Veneta, isn`t it? It`s the one from the Resort collection that not only is made of woven leather, but the strips are "engraved". So sizewise, I think it`s as big as the Maxi Veneta that came as Royal this season.

    Intrecciato btw is the regular woven leather by BV, Intagli the one with those strips
  9. c_24, you're right. the maxi size for the royales is quite a fair bit larger than the large veneta. the red royale caught my eye on the catalogue but somehow didn't "sit" too well on me irl when i checked it out in the store. the leather on the royales also isn't as buttery soft as the classic veneta. but then again, to each his/her own. :jammin:
  10. sand, hope you're able to get your veneta with triple points at Saks, but if you wait till Vegas, the SA's are all really nice and helpful; I've had a few who pulled out every drawer and showed me practically the entire store without me asking. Are you going around Christmas?
  11. Hi Ouija...we're going to Vegas in Mid December (13th - 16th) and I am now thinking of holding off on the BV purchase until then so that I can see everything that is available! I'm still a little undecided so comparing each one up close is probably the best thing to do - even if it means giving up the triple points!
  12. As tempting as it is to get those extra points, it's really fun to try all the styles and see all the colors in person. I say go to Vegas and have fun looking at and trying on all the goodies! Just one thing, save some for me...I'll be in Vegas right after you!