Intrecciato Cervo? Hobo Loop?!

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  1. I know a few ladies have the Intrecciato Cervo Baseball, but does anyone have it in the Cervo Loop Hobo? I came across in on the bay from BVbags and holy, it is pretty!!!!!!!!!

    Is it as soft as non-woven Cervo? Much heavier? Squishier?

    Mod shots/action shots if you can?

    Please and thanks!
  2. It's gorgeous, I've never seen it other than in pics.
  3. I've had one in Barolo - it's squishy, thicker than the Cervo Baseball, and not as comfortable to get into and out of. And also there is no closure.
  4. I didn’t know the intrecciato cervo came in Barolo! I thought it came in the metallic brown only! Well, those are the only photos I could find... Would you know what other colors it came/comes in?

    I’d love to see photos, if you have any!!!
  5. I messed up - just completely skipped over the word "intrecciato", my bad.
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  6. OMG! I just look at it. It it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Are you getting it @Hershey'sKisses? Please, please get it... so I wont have to:doh:
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  7. You got my heart skipping a beat there, thinking it came in other colors!!! Lol
  8. Isn’t it beautiful? I’d like to know more about it, hear from ones who have it before making any decisions... but if you love it, absolutely go for it and tell me what you think about it! It looks amazing! Hoping it comes in other colors, but i can’t seem to find any in my searches.
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  9. Do you have a link? I can't see it anywhere...
  10. I wonder if it comes in gunmetal and bronze as well, like the baseball hobo?
  11. Sorry for the multi posts. I just weighed my quetsche baseball hobo and my metallic espresso intrecciato one. 28.9 ounces vs 34.6 ounces so yes the intrecciato is a little heavier and I would expect it to be in the Loop as well. In the baseball hobo it's not quite as smooshy as the just cervo one but it's not stiff either. It's a fab bag, certainly worth the extra weight.
  12. Amy is a tPF member too, you should definitely message her on eBay and asked your questions, she'll have the answer. I've bought from her before, she's a great seller!
  13. It came in gunmetal too so probably in bronze as well I bet...exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman.
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