Intrecciato Backpack?

  1. Does BV make any intrecciato backpacks? Large enough to carry files and a laptop?
  2. Look in the men's section
    if I remember correctly it is not all intrecciato but it is large and I always liked it

  3. Is it this bag you are referring to? I think I prefer one that has the main body made of traditional BV weaving.
  4. I like this one for a laptop bag!{%22products%22:{%22248395VQQ131%22:{%22size%22:%22U%22,%22color%22:%222808%22,%22category%22:%22/shop-products/Mens/designer-handbags%22}}}

    Yes, it's in men's section
  5. not the one I was thinking of
    the one I am thinking of was in leather
    I don't think it is on the website right now
    if you call joyce in the atlanta store
    tell your looking for a leather back pack

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