Intoducing.. Miss Ali all dressed for Valentine's Day!

  1. I got this scarf a couple of weeks ago and put it on my Ali a couple of days ago.. now we just need to go somewhere :angel:
  2. Oooh, perfect! I love how that scarf looks on a white bag.
  3. Aw, so pretty! Love how the red pops!
  4. That looks great, the colour is perfect against the white!
  5. Darling! And I hear ya' on the needing to go somewhere!!! :rolleyes: :p
  6. love the splash of red against the white!
  7. Very pretty :cutesy:
  8. Very cute! I wish I was using my white Ali now but the weather is too horrible to take her out:crybaby:
  9. Lookin' good, Ali!!! :supacool:
  10. Cute, I love that scarf with your white Ali :yes:
  11. I love the scarf on your white Ali! They look great together!
  12. Very cute!!!!!
  13. So cute! The scarf looks great on your Ali!
  14. Woohoo!!! Miss Ali you are one hot ticket!
  15. Beautiful Bag, beautiful scarf. Now just find someplace to go to show off that Bag!