Intl is furious I didn't lie on customs form

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  1. Long story short I sold a pair of BIN Gucci pumps to a Canadaian buyer last week. Shipped via USPS Express Mail International w\ tracking and insurance for her full purchase value. Not only that my auction explicitely stated that international buyers are responsible for their own import taxes and I won't misrepresent the value of the item. Today she sends me this:

    "Wow ok well I just had to pay $48.16 because you didnt make the shoes as a gift like you said you were going to and you also mark them at a value higher then what I payed. That really sucks and I am not too happy."

    So can she leave me a negative? Do I have a case with eBay if she does? I wrote her acknowledging that:

    - I never agreed to send it as a gift.
    - She should have read my auction.
    - The package was insured for her full purchase value.
    - It's illegal to misrepresent the value and nature of a pkg.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, its illegal when selling internationally to mark items as gifts
  3. Oh no, I just got a message from the buyer saying the shoes are badlys scratched and worn and she wants to return them.

    The shoes are brand new and I have several photots to prove it. I'm worried that she's damanged them. I told her to send them back, but what should I do?
  4. What I don't understand is..

    I'm Canadian, I have to pay import fees/duty as well. Just because that sucks why would someone want to pay the duty and then pay shipping back to the seller for a refund. Clearly this person is really cheap to be so crazy over 48 dollars, not even 100. So why would she be okay with spending even more money losing the duty and paying return fees??

    I think you should be very polite and write her back and tell her that you have evidence that they are not damaged and remind her that by returning them she's losing out on like 100 dollars. I really hope she didn't ruin the shoes, that's so awful
  5. I would send an email stating that you have elaborate pictures showing the actual condition of the shoes. I would also suggest that if the shoes were damaged in shipment then should could file with the usps.
  6. Or the shoes don't fit and she's looking for a reason to return them. I politely told her to send them back, but also said I would be curious to see photos of this damage since I have over a dozen or them being brand new. She responded that even though the damage is severe, it won't show up in photograhs. What?!?! She is obviously digging for a reason to return them. It's really odd.
  7. I'm so frustrated for you. I'm going to assume she hasn't actually damaged them then, at this point I think you just want them back in your safety and this whole thing over with. Just tell her that she needs to send them back ASAP and if there is any damage you will hold her accountable.
  8. ^Personally, OP needs to see the damage before getting the shoes... incase that her buyer doesn't ship them back properly and shoes or damaged and if the return package is uninsured seller would be out her shoes, have to return $$ to the buyer unless PP or Ebay backs (given that it was on e-bay and not bonz) her.
  9. Why were you so quick to "politely" tell her to send them back? Especially when she's being an a$$ and when you know the shoes are brand new, so you know she's lying. You just made it easier for her. You could've told her that you and her both know they are in brand new condition, and let her file a SNAD if she wants to. What do you have as a return policy in your listings?
  10. I said no returns. The thing is that sellers rarely win SNAD cases on ebay these days and it's better to get the shoes back safe and sound than not at all. I've tried to fight a few of these nutty buyers over the years and even with lots of evidence, loose. It's better to get them back, right?
  11. This was ebay. They have made it so that the sellers are afraid to stand their ground. She won't send photos. I requested them twice. She says this unthinkable damage won't photograph.
  12. Well then let her file a SNAD- and have her prove the damage to ebay maybe?
  13. If you don't want to go through a SNAD, then do the return-refund. If you don't want to do that, then go thru the SNAD. Those are your options. It's up to you.
  14. I talked to ebay and they were surprisingly accomodating.... which leads me to believe this buyer might have a history. They have noted on my transaction that the buyer may have damaged the item and have reported her for wanting me to lie to customs. Apparently they are taking action in that respect. Sometimes I feel it's better to contact them before an issue happens than after.
  15. Keep us posted, glad to hear you reached out to them!