Intimidating Stores

  1. Hi guys and gals. I am always so intimidated when I go into these stores like Louis, Gucci, etc. I always feel like I don't belong and everyone there is just looking down at me. I'm 22, not carrying a very high end purse (Dooney). I want to ask prices, but I feel like no one that goes in there asks prices. At this stage in my life, I can't afford any of the things, but I love to go look and dream! This site definatly let's me see a ton of bags to dream about, but I'm sure you all agree that looking at a bag and actually feeling/trying on the bag are two very different things.

    Do you guys have any suggestions on how to conquer this intimidation/stand up for myself???

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Maybe check prices on line, for LV
  3. It's simple. Your attitude is what you need to handle a store like that.

    Dress nicely and go in with a smile on your face. Always remember you are a potential customer (someday). It is people like you who write the paycheck of those Sales Associates, you are the reason they have a job and their job is to serve you, whether that means to actually ring a sale for you or to help you become more informed about their product.

    A good SA welcomes you into their store, wants you there and enjoys showing what they carry. Assume that is what you will find when you go inside.

    Who knows, you may make a new friend and come out knowing more about that brand then before. Now that's pretty cool in my book.
  4. ladysalesrep is right, it's all in your attitude. There's no need to act like a snob or to act like someone you're not, but you should feel every right to be in the store and admire the bags, even if you don't plan to buy. If for some unfortunate reason you aren't treated well, don't take it personally or assume it was something about you. And if you are treated well, as everyone should be, it will make it that much easier to go in the next time!
  5. I know what you mean. Sometimes I'll go in there and because I may not be wearing the fanciest outfit, they assume I can't afford their products. Reminds me of the scene from Pretty Woman! I always feel like going back and saying "You work on commission right?...Huge mistake, HUGE!":hysteric: The advantage to that is that sometimes I'll dress down on purpose, just so they leave me alone to look at my leisure instead of following me around the whole store. Anyway, I agree attitude is everything. Act like you own the place. You have just as much right to be there as anyone else.
  6. I have the same problem, I hate going into Boutiques, they do their damnest to hide the prices too, so the only way you're going to find out is to ask. I do sometimes feel they're thinking, If you ask to ask, you can't afford it...

    My advice is just go in, smile and treat it just like any other shop. As soon as you touch anything i'm sure an SA will be over asking how they can help...
  7. Ooh, that just reminded me--once I was in a high end boutique (forgot which one, it might have been Dior) with a couple of friends and one of my friends asked the SA how much a skirt on a mannequin was (of course the price was nowhere to be seen)--and the SA actually told her "it doesn't come in your size" !! My friend was asking how much it was, not if it would fit her. Was that the SA's subtle way of telling her she couldn't afford it? I couldn't believe she would say something like that.
  8. I also hate going into boutiques with snobby SA's, but I usually just try not to worry about what they think about me. You're the customer and shouldn't feel bad about asking prices/wanting to look at the purses.
  9. Thanks you guys! I really appreciate your help and suggestions!
  10. I always feel like they are following me around like I am going to steal something! The silly thing is I pay more in income tax than these girls take home a year. I can full well afford it, I just don't want to pay those prices so I stay out of most of those places. Recently my husband and I went to an open house and the agent was telling us about a program for low-income families, he didn't believe me when I said we were way over the maximum income. He treated us like dirt the entire time we were walking around the property, and made it clear he didn't think we were serious buyers. Not now we're not!
  11. omg had a terrible experience at tiffany in SD while on vaca. there were about 5 or 6 people lining up to buy stuff, which is something i have never seen in tiffany in canada. when it is our turn this nasty lady comes over to help me. i ask to c a pair of earings, apparently sterling silver wasnt worth her time. she looked like it was totally beneath her to get them out of another case and i asked about caring for them- i mean, i was spending over $300 CDN! she jsut said "look, do you want them or not?" i said i had ot think about it. next day went back and bought them from a much nicer SA. the worst was when i bought something in the US and the SA asked if i was old enough to have a credit card. this was a couple of yrs ago but i felt like saying yes and i make a lot more then u to pay for it!
  12. Snobby SAs are the worst. Which is weird considering not only do they work on comission but more often than not they just stand around and have nothing to do...why not help a potential customer? Even if no sale, at least they didn't have to stare at the wall for another twenty minutes waiting for their shift to end.
    I wouldn't worry too much about it. You know your worth and it doesn't matter what an SA, essentially someone you won't even remember in five minutes, thinks.
  13. I used to be intimidated too, just keep visiting more boutiques and it wears off though. Don't be afraid to ask for pricing (doing your homework online in advance is a good idea though) or to see wares in more colors than they may have on display. After all, it's your money that you'll be spending at their store! I agree though that bad SAs can really destroy your shopping experience and even undermine the reputation of the store they're supposed to be serving.
  14. Great advice! Of course you don't NEED to do any online research before going in any boutique but knowing a little bit will help break the ice and start up a conversation with the SA if they are a cold fish.

    I only had this problem once recently when I was in Florida and I went into the Dior boutique on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. Whoever was in there didn't come out the entire time to greet me or say I'm busy but I'll be right out...whatever. I still bought my Dior sunnies eventually, but went online :supacool:.

    Enjoy your shopping!!
  15. i don't know why SA are so snobby...they don't make that much to be in a position to behave like that. if you work at a high-end boutique..doesn't mean u make high-end money - why treat others like that when you are in the same position!