Intimately BECKHAM perfume ad *PIC*

  1. :graucho: Very sexy!!! :nuts:
  2. WOW! What a beautiful picture! Very hot!

    Thanks for sharing, Irene!
  3. Saucy :shame: :graucho:
  4. They're smoking hot! What beautiful people.
  5. Is he with his wife or a model?
  6. Hot!!! :graucho:
  7. Dang! I think I want a pic like that made of me and my DH!:lol:
  8. wife
  9. Kind of a strange picture. That does not look like VB's body. That woman is curvaceous with a glorious booty, and VB is very thin.
  10. ^looks like her face though, yes?
  11. doesn't look like Vic at pic..thanks Irene
  12. i don't think that's victoria.. and i'm wondering why not [if i'm correct] because she's so gorgeous, and i don't think that woman is..

    if it IS infact victoria, its not a good picture of her, at all.

    but david looks hawt.. oh yesyes!
  13. Oh I think it looks just like her in teh face! LOL!

    I'm surprised she'd allow David to model w/ another woman.
  14. It really seems odd that he wouldnt use his own wife in the ad......
  15. That IS Victoria in the ad!!!:yes:
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