Interviews - is this totally inappropriate?

  1. I'm about to head into a bazillion interviews in sales/marketing/advertising/PR. I heard that a lot of positions in these fields really emphasize appearance and impressions, so I want to look both professional and stylish at the same time. I'm still working on the outfit - could take the easy and professional way of just wearing a black pants suit, but I'm trying to come up with something slightly more original and stylish.

    My most important concern, however, is my bag!! :sweatdrop: I actually don't own a professional looking bag! I've been a student all my life, and a lot of my stuff is just a tad "trendy" my only options at this point are either my LV damier speedy 30 or a plain, large white tote with my school emblem and name on it. which one is more appropriate? i guess i need to fit my resume and whatnot in there too. If neither are appropriate, what kind of bag should I be looking for that's both professional and a bit stylish? Thanks for your help, guys! :p
  2. I'd definitely choose the Damier Speedy over a school emblem tote for an interview. IMO the Damier is perfect because it's so polished and understated. You probably want people to notice you and your talents rather than your bag at first, right? :biggrin:

    I've always brought a handbag plus a separate leather portfolio to carry my resume in. For me, even if it's large enough, my resume will always get a bent corner or scrunched in my bag...learned this the hard way.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  3. As an HR professional who used to be a recruiter, I'd vote against your school tote - even if you're early in your career, you don't want to reinforce that you're still (or until recently) a student. You'll probably want to carry some of your usual purse essentials (wallet, phone [turned off or on silent, of course ;) ], keys, makeup, etc) but you'll also probably be carrying your resume and relevant files in a portfolio, so whatever bag you carry should be big enough for that without being too bulky. You also don't want to be fumbling around with multiple purses, so one that has at least a few pockets would be good. You've got the right instincts about how to fit into the industry without being too trendy...good luck and let us know how the interviews go!!
  4. The LV definitely. Like the others have said you don't want to give off the impression that you are still a college student.
  5. My suggestion if you can swing it is to buy a decent briefcase or large tote. You can put your handbag stuff in it and your resume and you will look polished and professional. You will then have it for when you start working in a professional setting. I do a lot of interviewing and hiring for executive level jobs (and I'm in an executive level job in a Fortune 50 company) and if you come in dressed like you have the job already it is a big plus!

    If you don't want to blow the bank account Sumdex makes a nice understated and reasonably priced briefcase called "She Rules". I have this an actually use it instead of my more expensive Jack Georges and others.

    Good luck!!:smile:
  6. aww thanks guys for the great suggestions. i had no idea. my first instinct was to go with the school tote, because that seems more plain, i guess? lol shows how completely clueless i am! :p

    is it generally the case that interviewees carry a normal purse for their essentials, and then the resume/documents in a separate portfolio? i had no idea! would you guys also say that school emblems in general - anywhere - is a nono?
  7. bearing in mind that it's been ages since i've interviewed (well, it feels like ages! lol!), as long as your lv looks nice...not torn, rattty looking, etc....that should suffice. the tote would probably be ok, but since it has your school logo on it, i would nix it. you do want professional and a bag with your school logo does not say professional.

    also since you will be taking your resume, etc., get one of those portfolios to put your resume in and take notes if you don't already have one. a 8.5 x 11 sized one. you can get a 'professional' looking one (at least looks like leather/vinyl rather than nylon) for about $10 at like walgreens, etc. that way you will have your resume with you and you will also look professional and you will have a professional looking purse. hope this helps!

    forgot to add...good luck on the interviews!! :smile:
  8. IMO no school emblems when you interview. As balihai posted, you don't want to reinforce the fact that you're still or recently a student. Your resume will reflect your education and experience; save your school logo things for outside the office (other than maybe a small momento on your desk at work).
  9. That's a really great point. Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. If it was between an LV and a logo-less normal looking bag, which is more professional or appropriate for these kind of industries?

    I'm only asking because I will definitely get another bag (hehe, maybe a good excuse for a new one!) if something out there is better and more professional than my speedy, like spiffdeb so greatly suggested....but i won't consider it if you guys think my speedy is really already one of the best and ultimate polished, professional bag out there. lol i'm clearly such a work-place newbie, and have no idea what kind of impressions certain things bring...
  11. Second giving some thought to how you present your resume. I have used and like when others do put their resume in a nice report cover.
    Of course always print your resume on good heavyweight paper and bring a few copies just in case.

    Also - always write a thank you after the interview - very classy. These things show caring and attention to detail.

    The folio is a good idea - you can get the ones that you can put a legal pad in for your notetaking. Another investment you will get use out of after you start working.

    The Sumdex briefcase I mentioned earlier:
  12. I would vote against a logo bag in an interview. The interviewer may not care for the brand or may make a judgement about you having the bag that you don't intend - just my two cents.
  13. i would definitely get a professionaly looking bag. for my interviews, i usually use my burberry tote or my LV Damier speedy 30. both bags fit resumes and other essentials without a problem. i do think appearance counts alot, so make sure you look the part! make sure your hair and nails look good =) but be prepared for obvious questions like : why did you choose HR? why do you want to work at our company? good luck!
  14. oh i dunno....! such a many good points, guys! :heart: