Interviewing while employed...

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  1. I had a successful phone interview today and was told to expect a follow up email to schedule technical testing. I know I'll do well on the test, it's nothing too major. My issue is I'm in FL and the company I'm interviewing with is in Wisconsin... I know that after the test I'll have to do an in person interview(they usually fly candidates out for a couple of days). How do I manage this when I'm currently employed and do not get any days off(even personal days)? I know I could say I am sick or need to go to the doctor, but I think that is going to look crappy if I come back the next day and quit my job. I really like my immediate manager and don't want her to have any negative feelings towards me. What's the best way to handle this? I should be happy about this new opportunity but instead I'm just stressed out :sad:
  2. this is a tricky situation, and I dont think you can get away with it without taking any days off--unless they can test you on a weekend.

    I think the best way to deal with this is to take personal days off, be discrete about this and dont talk about this. Then, IF you get the job offer, give enough notice (enough time) to your current employer. do NOT quit right away. Have a conversation w/ your immediate supervisor and explain to her your reasoning, and how you enjoyed working w/ her. Give her a gracious resignation letter, and give at least 2 weeks notice. That is the best way.
  3. Oh of course I would give notice, probably even more than two weeks since there are several projects I'm working on. I just felt bad even giving two weeks notice after taking a personal day, I guess it sounds kind of silly, feels like I'm cheating on my employer lol The problem is I've never taken more than one personal day at a time and I always had to give an explanation, since I'm not officially full time so I don't get the benefit of days off. This trip would likely require two days and I would have to give some kind of explanation.

    Also, the testing is local... the part I'm worried about is after the testing. I was wondering if I might get this company to do the "in person" interview via Skype... but I thought it might look bad to suggest that.
  4. This is a tough one.

    Believe me, employers, hiring managers, HR folks all know it's tough to take 2 days off from your current job for interviews, especially since they likely assume you have not informed your current employer you are pursuing other opportunities. Even if you're not full time with your current employer, it is crazy to me that you are prohibited from taking any time off. That seems discriminatory to me and possibly illegal.

    Depending on the company, they *may* be receptive to substituting maybe 1 interview day for remote interviews via Skype. If you feel comfortable discussing this with the HR person, you could suggest it as benefit for them (saving costs) vs. a benefit for you.

    But I'm willing to bet if they're going to spend $$ for flights, hotels and maybe a small meal allowance for you, they place high value on the face-to-face meetings and will require the 2 days of interactions.

    If you do progress to the in-person interview day stage with this company, I recommend you discuss your need to have these days off with your supervisor. Should she press for an explanation (again, odd to me because why do you need to get cross-examined if you need a day or 2 off and inform them in advance), you could say you have something urgent in your personal life to which you need to attend, but you don't feel comfortable discussing at this time.

    Good luck!
  5. My feeling is that if you are honest with the interviewing company by saying that you really would hate to take days off of your current job because you have projects you're working on, the prospective company could only see it as loyalty on your part.
    I swear I think that kind of situation landed me a job. The company actually had a couple of people rearrange their schedules to accomodate me since they could tell I was a loyal employee. They had me come in on the weekend, which I was more than happy to do.
    Only my opinion, though.
  6. I didn't want to start a whole new thread for this, but I just need to vent. The people at my job are making it impossible for me to be able to interview/test at other places. I've had to reschedule my local assessment with this out of state company twice. I had it scheduled for today at 5:00pm and have worked extra hours all week to make sure it would be okay to leave at 4:00pm today. I just got an "urgent" meeting invite for 4:00pm to review a list that I don't even need to review, and was told I cannot miss the meeting. This list is related to work I have to do at 2:00am Saturday morning, because no one else is available. This is work I have done 5 times over the last few weeks, and there is nothing at all new in this list. I am getting so much work piled on me all the time, that I have not even been able to take an at home assessment from another company. And this is all while I am basically being told getting laid off is around the corner. I feel like quitting.
  7. eff, don't quit on the spot. I would be very firm with my boss/supervisor and explain you have an urgent obligation you must attend to that has been rescheduled 2x and you can't make whatever meeting/work they have tried to heap on you at the last minute. I would say, I am sorry, but this is not negotiable.
  8. I'm not going to quit(I can't), it's just SO FRUSTRATING, feels like I am stuck in this deadend job. I already spoke to my manager as well as the guy running the meeting and they both said I cannot miss it, even though I explained that I had a really pressing matter to deal with. I'm guessing this is because other people have to attend and it would look bad if I was the only one excused. They both said the meeting will be "quick." I am hoping if anything I can duck out early and rush over to the place I'm taking the assessment, if I'm late I'll just have less time to take it.
  9. when you have important interviews, schedule them as 'doctors appoinments' and tell your supervisor it can't be rescheduled.
  10. So, it turns out why I couldn't miss the meeting(which no one actually articulated prior to the meeting) was because someone new is going to be helping out with what I'm doing this weekend, so it was somewhat understandable. But the kicker was that while we were on the call, she kept CLICKING OVER TO THE OTHER LINE without saying anything. So the person running the meeting would be like, "(Name)? (Name), are you there?" and there would just be silence on the line. Then she'd click back over saying her husband called, sorry, etc. Basically she missed most of the meeting, so it was pointless. By the time I got to the testing center, I was pretty defeated and only had a half hour to do the test. I was able to finish the technical part but couldn't get to another part. Thankfully they are giving me time to do it next week, and the HR guy running the interview process for me actually apologized to me for the trouble, so I guess it doesn't look that bad to them. Hopefully it'll work out. I think everything just seems worse to me because I am dealing with the stress of knowing that I am going to be laid off as a direct result of what I am working on for the company, which is infuriating, stressful, depressing, etc.
  11. Best of luck, OP. (And I can understand why you want to leave that job!!!)