Interviewed a candidate with LV Alma

  1. hi all,
    i conducted 8 interviews today for a sales position - one gal showed up with her LV.

    Just figured I would post since this topic has come up many many times.

    She was so bubbly and smart that in the end I thought she might be bored with the positon but I would consider her for other things in the future. She appreciated that.

    Then we talked about LV.:smile:
  2. So nice to hear. I handle too many interviews where the person comes in completely inappropriate dress. Hopefully the LV is like the ribbon on the package - just completing it. And it gives you something in common right away.
    And I love the Alma.
  3. sometimes i feel like a potential employer will have a "who does she think she is?!" attitude if i carry a designer bag to an interview. especially something as recognizable as a monogram lv.

    am i wrong?

    keep in mind i'm young and interview for jobs at stores and crap.
  4. I feel the same way. :shrugs:
  5. Awesome!
  6. it will probably depend on the job you are applying for. somehow, it sends a wrong signal. so for job interviews,(unless it has something to do with fashion or a high-paying job) it would probably be safer not to bring your designer bags. just my opinion :smile::heart:

  7. I say it was handled very well and in a very professional manner. Congrats :smile:
  8. how cool!
  9. I've conducted quite a few interviews for executive-level jobs, and have seen my fair share of fakes. Of course I was professional, but I was glad the fakers profiles did not fit my organisation in the first place.
  10. Glad you had that connection! Personally, I always bring my (damier) Saleya or something that doesn't announce LV to an interview, but I'm in the IT world where most probably wouldn't have a clue anyway.

    Are you going to extend an offer?
  11. Well I would hate to think a handbag could swing an interview in either direction.
    Flipflops I could see, but a tasteful handbag?
  12. I am sure seeing the alma was a nice surprise for the day.
  13. I would never carry any of my designer bags to an interview (maybe when I buy my red epi noe it will be different), but then again, I haven't applied for positions where that's a part of the image either, so I decide against it. I have an interview this weekend though, and it is tempting to bring my Chanel although I probably won't.
  14. I would think if I were interviewing somebody for a sales position who carried a high end bag, that she/he had expensive taste and perhaps that was good motiviation for them to be successful at making more than just their quota...
  15. ^ good point

    What type of Alma was it?

    I took a mono speedy to an interview once I got the job but hated it.