Interview with SJP

  1. Ok, I just love her! She seems very down to earth and has great style! I also adore her as an actress.

    So, my mom got a new issue of Good Housekeeping magazine today and SJP is on the cover. The interview is pretty long and her answers are very interesting to read. I had no idea that she has 7 siblings and her family was on welfare when she was a kid. I just found it very inspirational.

    I tried to find the interview online but could only find a picture of the cover. Here it is:

    Just thought I'd share that with you!
  2. I love her! She's so cute and down to earth. Her and Matthew Broderick have the cutest little family
  3. SJP is awesome! She is so different from her SATC character, but I love them both!
  4. I have a neutral feeling about her.
  5. she is cute! but thats not the best pic of her :sad:
  6. DITTO.
  7. I like her very much too and she's has such a unique personality both on screen and print. :heart: