interview with Nicholas Ghesquière

Nov 24, 2006
Just saw an interview by Andre Leon Tally for the Style Channel.

Nicholas is so cute!!!!! Really charming. A photo of a Weekender flashed on the screen (which of course looked super-gigantic on the really skinny model who was holding it), and Tally said "Now you were responsible for the design of THE bag women wanted to have about 4 years ago. It was a really big bag. What are you thinking of next? More really big bags, or smaller bags?"

Nicholas blushed! And he said "Well, we do make smaller bags. And a lot of women still really love them!"

Imagine encouraging Nicholas to move on and stop producing the moto bags!


Luxury Consignment
Apr 19, 2006
It's not like he doesn't get to change aspects of the bag and create new designs for the line. Each year there's another new style, right now the brief and new hobo to name a couple. It's not like it's just the classic, city and twiggy only. Some new styles take off, others don't. So long shrug and box.