Interview Update

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  1. Remember how I interviewed at LV Union Square in SF a few weeks ago??? Well....

    I got the position!!!!!!!! It's part time seasonal. Woohoo!! I'm so excited. I will be starting this Sunday so be sure to stop by ans say hello if you're in the area. Who wants to be my first client? LoL..


    Can't wait to get to meet some of you from TPF there at LV. Until then.. have a great day.

    I just have to share my good news!!
  2. must be so excited. I wish you the best. At least you will know how to be nice to people and maybe some of the rude SA in other stores will find out that there is a wonderful SA in your store. Hope you make lots of sales and meet alot of sweet customers.
    Have fun......
  3. Congratulations to you!!!! How exciting to work during the holiday season.
  4. congrats and have fun! must be an awesome job!!!
  5. OMG!!!! Congrats!!!!
    Too bad you don't start until Sunday. I will be in SF tomorrow for the Springsteen show.
  6. Too exciting! I'm so happy for you, congratulations. I wish I was in CA so I could buy from you. I do love my SA, but she really doesn't know anything about new things coming out....I start all of the waiting lists at my store.
  7. congratulations!!! That's great news! Hope you have fun!!
  8. Congrats!! If I could I would fly across the country to be your first sale. I would love to buy from a fellow PFer. Let us know how it goes and good luck.
  9. congrats! retail can be hard work but you will be selling something you love.
  10. Thanks all and I am excited!! =)
  11. Congratulations!!! Too bad I'm in New York or I would love to buy from a fellow TPFer!!!!
  12. how was the interview? was it nerve wrecking? lol
  13. How fantastic!! Congratulations on your new position at LV!! You must be so thrilled --- you'll be one great SA! Time to celebrate!!
  14. That is fabulous!!! Congrats :smile:
  15. Hooray for you!
    Enjoy your new job & hope you make lots of sales!:yahoo: