interview tomorrow-need advice on which bag to wear???

  1. I have an interview tomorrow for a part-time bridezilla consultant (LOL) at a bridal shop. I am going to wear a black skirt with a dressy black and gray blouse, my black hose and black heels. My question is.....which bag should I wear? My only choices are my chocolate shoulder flap (avatar pic) or a black leather swingpack?? I remember a thread about interviews and maybe signature is too "showy" for an interview?? But would a swingpack look silly with this outfit? I don't know..what do you girls think? I'll go with whatever you guys think is best..:tup: TIA
  2. I really think your shoulder flap would look fantastic. IMO the swingpack looks great with more sporty outfits. But most important wear what you feel most comfy in and *Rock that interview!!!* Good luck girl!!
  3. I don't think either of these choices would really go, can you change your outfit ?
  4. I like the flap bag. I don't think the sig on that particular bag is showy at all. The dark colors keep it kind of muted. I think a swingpack, regardless of the material, may be a little casual, though. (just my $0.02) Good luck with your interview!:tup:
  5. I agree. I don't really like either choices. Definitely not a swingpack, it's too casual. The chocolate shoulder flap won't really look right though. Do you have any other handbags to choose from, even if they're not Coach? Maybe some type of black leather tote, something that looks like a hamptons tote or madeline?
  6. I think the shoulder bag would look great with the outfit. IMHO black and gray are neutrals that can be combined with any color. Good luck
  7. ^^i agree too. when i wear black i carry a black bag. the swingpack is too casual. do you have a bag in a color? that would be an option, or white even.
    or do you have a brown or khaki skirt? khaki skirt, crisp white button-down, heels and your brown shoulder flap would work.
  8. I would definitely go with the shoulder flap.

  9. hmmm.......I don't think I have anything else I could interview in that would look appropriate. yikes!!!! I've been a stay-home-mom for 4 years, my old corporate clothes have been replaced with jeans and tees! LOL.....hmmmm....I think I'll try on my outfit with the chocolate flap..if I'm not feeling it...theres still time to shop before my 1:30pm interview!!!! I could pick up a dark brown skirt, wear a white button down and my mahogany heels with the shoulder flap????uh....this is what I was afraid of in regards to going back to work, my wardrobe will need a complete OVER haul!!!!:push:
  10. i try not to wear black and brown together...but if those are your only choices then i think the swingpack is too casual, so i would go with the shoulder flap.
  11. I'm enabling you to shop tomorrow!!
  12. Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't wear a sig bag - even a chocolate one - to an interview. I want to do the talking, not have my bag doing it. I don't think either option is ideal. I'd wear a business-like black tote or shoulder bag, whether it was Coach or not.
  13. thanks, girls. I was SO CLOSE to wearing my black swingpack LOL I think you saved me from a "what not to wear" moment! :p

  14. hmmm........well...there is a Ross and Marshall's down the street from my interview, maybe I should just buy a nice black leather bag and be done with it! LOL
  15. Yeah I agree I would not wear the swingpack. Your second outfit sounds great though. :tup: Don't worry about it too much, I am sure no matter what you will look stunning and do a great job. I have been a sahm for 10 years so I know what you mean.. and it's overwhelming.. kudos to you for going for it! :yahoo: Another option would be do you have to have a purse? I guess you do.. see this tells you how long it has been for me.. and I got married so young so I was never in the professional working environment. :rolleyes: At any rate, good luck hon!!!!! ;)