Interview stories/advice/tips?

  1. Alright,

    So I have gone through a handful of interviews and although was presented with a couple of offers (:yahoo:) they were all something that I was only sub-partial to so I declined. This upcoming week I have 4 interviews possibly 5.

    These are all (coincidentally) huge fortune 500 companies and are global corporations. The biggest companies I have ever had interviews for. So I am a little nervous.

    Here are some things about me:
    I am very young still but have been thrown into the "corporate world" quick quickly. I've had an office job since high school and worked nights/weekends and then right after high school I landed a entry-level management job. I do school online and through night but I am have a full time course outline. I have done it for a year so I am not concerned that it will affect me.

    At the moment I am in account executive/ account management for a non-profit. The company is small at about 14 people big.

    I am being interviewed for another account executive/ account management position that is double my salary and minimum.

    I am just shaking with excitement and nervousness at the same time.

    I do well under pressure and I don't "hums and ums" a lot during interviews.

    But just want to hear any stories or tips on the toughest interview you've been in or the toughest questions you've had to answer :smile:

  2. Sounds like you're already doing very well so far. One thing I always do is interview the interviewer. Say something like, at this stage of my career, I'm looking for this. Can you tell me how working here compliments/ would help with that? In your department, how long does the average employee stay? Is there an opportunity for promotion, in the department, or in other places in the company?

    Also, take notes and ask them to expand on something they have said about the company. Of course research the company, and some questions about the company itself. This gives the impression of someone who is confidant and knows how they can contribute to the company's bottom line. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks a lot! Wow I just reread my original post and I apologize for all the errors. I was in a rush. :p

    Right, Don't forget that as much as I should fit their profile, they should fit mine as well and shouldn't be afraid to tell them my ambitions and goals. :smile:
  4. Interviewing is absolutely a dialogue. IMO the interviewer needs to sell me on the job as well as I need to sell how my skills would benefit the company.

    I've been interviewed both by a panel and in 1:1 situations, so just be ready for anything! I always ask about what the biggest challenges and pain points the company or department is facing right now and then respond how my skills or experience would benefit in working through that pain.

    As far as tough interview my most recent job search I got a good zinger from one of the VPs I interviewed with who asked me how my 13 or so years in Helpdesk/IT related work would translate into business operations, which is the area I'm now moving into. It really made me think! I gave a pretty good answer but I DID follow up with more specifics in my thank you note to him which I hope sealed the deal.

    Best of luck to you, She!!!
  5. Good luck and I agree Pursegirl also.