Interview question - age related

  1. So, I am extremely busy with a lot of things but I have decided to switch my current job for several reasons. Mainly, personal happiness and of course a salary increase.

    I had an interview with a firm yesterday where I was told up front that their biggest concern is my age (I am 19 but have been in account managing for a year and a bit). I have always been in the "corporate" environment and I really enjoy what I do and I am good at what I do. The manager had told me that he sees a lot of drive and persistence in me but the main key is having someone who is so young gain the respect of clients and their peers. I am confident in my ability to get the job done, however I will admit that I look younger.

    Tomorrow I am going into my second interview and this time I am meeting with the team. The manager had said he had a high expectation of me before I came in and that he was very surprised of how I handled myself in the interview and although my age is a factor he sees a lot more potential than my age should hold me down for.

    My question right now is how do I get around this? I am extremely professional and I carry myself as though I am just like one of them. I exude confidence when I'm around them as I know this is the type of environment I will be in.

    What else is there that I can really do? And how do I handle these age-related questions? They have already understood that though I am young I have great work experience but how do I make it not an issue?
  2. Whoa! I can't believe how much he blatantly talked about your age. I've been in the corporate recruiting biz for years and am very shocked. In the US, discussions about a candidate's age is a very strict no-no, ESPECIALLY to the candidate.

    I understand his concern with your credibility with clients, teammates, etc. but he could certainly position his concern based on your experience instead. By focusing on your age as the potential reason why you wouldn't get the job, he's exposing the firm to a potential discrimination claim.

    IMO you should not focus on age when answering questions and instead speak of your professional skills, experience and accomplishments. You could also share examples of how you have credibility with your current clients/co-workers, etc.

    I'm really interested in how your next interview goes. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. He wasn't rude about it. I actually really liked him and we got along really well. He just wanted to make sure I "knew what I was getting myself into". But I know, I've always put myself out there and I understand how the industry might view me. He wanted to make sure that I was aware that it may be hard to gain respect from clients and or those I am interviewing - but I think I answered him well. I just said, look, my position in the account executive position is to develop growth - I can do that. My position as a recruiter is not to compete with those candidates that I interview but is to judge and really acknowledge both the candidates wants and needs as well as my clients so I'm making a good fit. There is no reason why either should feel intimidated by me.

    I think you're right. If they ask me an age related questions like, "How would you go about interviewing a 45 year old engineer?" I would just do what I would do in the position. Not focus on their age and see what their skills and qualifications are and proceed whether or not personally they match the company.
  4. I'm sorry I didn't mean to imply he was rude about it (and thankfully he wasn't!) just that he should be careful of his focus on your age not your skills or experience (which are valid BFOQs - bona fide occupational qualifications)

    Your plan sounds like a great plan! Good luck! :flowers:
  5. :smile: You're right though... he should be a little careful because if he wasn't so hot (he was actually... SO SO HOT HAHAHAHA!!)... just kidding. But you're right, he should be a little bit more careful. Although he did it in a way that was looking out for me to make sure this is something I want to do even though he knows I have it in me to do - he should be careful on how he phrases it.

    Is there anything else I should think of?

    I had my hair down yesterday so tomorrow I'm going to put it up and of course wearing my regular black suit with a black leather tote bag.
  6. Just say "well, you said yourself that you're surprised how I handle myself given my age. I'm sure our clients will feel the same way. Give me a shot and I won't let you down."
  7. Thanks! I did just that and I have myself a job! :smile:
  8. So does that mean I get a % of your first paycheck? ;)

    And congratulations!
  9. Many congrats on your new position :yahoo: well done you.
  10. I posted in your other thread too....

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
  11. Great job and best of luck! You'll be great!