Interview outfit for San Diego

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  1. Hello in here! :biggrin:

    Question for you all. I live in Chicago. I am going to Las Vegas for vacation and am hopping over to San Diego for an interview.

    Some interesting factors:

    1) It is 110 in Vegas
    2) It is 78 in SD.
    3) I am used to showing up to an interview in a structured suit, because I live in Chicago
    4) I used to live in California, where people are rarely seen in suits. I have, however, never interviewed in SD.

    Here are my questions:

    1) Do people wear suits for director level interviews in SD? Or more like a tailored shirt and pants, or ???? Is a floaty skirt acceptable? I don't have anything like a DVF dress, although I suppose I could look for one today.

    2) How can I put something together that will get me from Vegas (110 degrees, remember) to SD and back without boiling me? Large bag for extra clothes?
  2. I think unless you are interviewing for a specific industry, e.g. fashion editor, you should always wear a suit, esp. if you will be working in any kind of an "office" environment. People may dress down in LV or SD due to either the temperature and/or laid back attitude, but that just makes you more professional looking when you appear better dressed, and in this economic climate, you need that edge.
  3. Thank you!
  4. I have both been interviewed and interviewed others in SD. I would wear a suit. I usually see everyone arrive in a suit. The only exception would be if it were an entry level or lower level position like a receptionist I may see something like a shirt and blouse.

    To make it a little cooler you can do something like a short sleeved suit with a tank or cami underneath to beat the heat a little bit. Luckily air conditioning is pretty common in both LV and SD.
  5. Another vote for the suit! Good luck and try to stay cool in Las Vegas.
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    I would absolutely wear a suit - especially for a senior management level interview.

    ETA: I think regardless of location, one should always dress to impress for an interview. I've also spent decades in both SD and CA in general and have seen tons of people in suits. Even when I worked for a casual company they told me to always wear a suit to an interview and I stick with that. Better to be safe and put your best foot forward than risk under dressing in a professional engagement IMO.
  7. Suits, no exceptions :smile:
  8. always wear a conservative suit to an interview, definitely no floaty skirts
  9. Always a suit!