Workplace Interview on Tuesday (Jan. 15).

Jun 8, 2006
My time to be scared. I have spent over 17 months looking for a job. Part of that time, I was still employed full-time and for about a year, I have been working freelance in publishing.

I have had interviews via email and phone. One of the phone interviews was a "big" one, but I wasn't suited for the position. And sadly, I hadn't had enough practice interviewing. No face-to-face interviews.

I applied for this position over a year ago and they never called me or even sent a "Sorry, Charlie, only the best tuna" email. So I applied again and updated a few things. A former colleague works at the company and she had invited me to "link in". I don't know if the it was the linked in connection? I have no idea. Am at the point now where it's no longer about the "perfect fit."
The commute would be awful.

Hope I don't blow this too badly. Don't want to embarass myself.

While I am at it, do you think a dress with jacket is appropriate for an interview?

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading.


Be the change
Jun 14, 2009
What industry? That will provide clues on whether a dress with jacket will suffice (I would say yes in most any case). How exciting for you! Interviews are great ways to make new connections. And hey, getting a new job is pretty fantastic, too :smile:
Jun 8, 2006
This is a publishing job. More specifically, geared towards schools and libraries. It's not like it's a bank.
I have suits but they are older. I tried to wait I actually had an interview where I need one, but that took a long time and funds are dwindling.

Thanks for your input and words of encouragement.
Jun 8, 2006
Hey all...

Well, they told me no. Yesterday. Not even by direct automated email. I got a stupid email directing me to "the career center." There I found out that I was a reject.

Talk about adding insult to injury! Fortunately, I had been contacted by the company I do contract work for. So at least I have that.

This has been so discouraging.

Thank you again for your words of encouragement.
Applying for work is tough. When I was a new grad, I sent out 75 resumes and got 3 telephone interviews and 1 interview from that (fortunately, one that I ended up getting the job for). My boyfriend warned me (and was right) that those would be some of the worst, most depressing months of my life.

Do you have someone that either works in HR or has some experience interviewing recently? What I found most helpful was getting one of my friends to mock interview me and give me feedback on my answers. It made me feel so much more prepared when I finally had an interview.