interview for legal internship at big fashion house! help!


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Oct 23, 2008
AHHH i need your guys' help! i'm going to be interviewing for a legal internship (for academic credit) this week with a fashion house in ny and i don't really know what to wear. :cloud9: i know with law firm interviews, we're supposed to be as formal as possible - i did the whole firm interview thing, black 3" heels, conservative suit, button-down shirt, etc. - but i don't know if i should go a little more designer-y for something like this? invest in a new expensive suit? carry a purse from the company or carry my usual boring black work purse?

basically, i don't know what they're looking for and i don't want them to think i'm frumpy, or on the other hand, too fashion-y - can anyone offer any advice? has anyone worked at the legal department for lv, chanel, coach, etc. who can offer an opinion as to the appropriate attire? thank you so much in advance guys!


Jul 4, 2007
Well, you are still going to be in the legal department so think about conservative with a twist. try to wear something with a pop of color or some visual interest- perhaps a less formal suit or a scarf?
Dec 6, 2005
Hmmm, I've never worked in a fashion house legal dept but have worked in Fort 500 corps' legal depts, as well as large and smaller firms. I've also hired people. I'd say stick with your conservative suit and bag but given the setting, I'd wear a colorful, but tasteful accessory like a bright Hermes scarf tied around the neck or shoes in a bright color. Best of luck!


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Feb 6, 2007
OMG, I would have killed for an internship like that! I agree with the advice given, keep it formal with a twist, think quality accessories (rather than fashion-y for the sake of it).

I would go with an Hermes twilly and a well cut skirt suit.


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Dec 2, 2008
As someone who works in fashion and only wears a suit for interviews, I know that in my experience accessories get you the job offer (assuming you are competant at all).

For legal, I would wear the brand in a conservative black pump or a "in the know" brand like Lavin, Prada, Bottega or Burberry Prorsum. Louboutins are a double edged sword, because while fabulous they are also very obviously logo'd... You want to show that you understand the industry beyond what the Kardashians wear, kwim?

Same rule for a handbag. It still needs to be business oriented, like a black leather Chloe bag versus an LV. No doubt the legal department gets the employee discount, so they probably all DO wear the brand.

I would def. read WWD and some other trade publications to really learn about legal issues facing the fashion industry (boutiques folding due to the economy, discounts through bridge retailers like Gilt, copyright infringement, employment law, contracts with oversee suppliers, etc.) HTH!!!


Jul 4, 2008
Agree with the others. Keep it formal, the focus is still on you not what you wear and honestly, I doubt the lawyers care so much on being fashionable. I would try to dress it up just a little with maybe button up shirt that has some pattern to it or maybe tie a scarf around the handle of your briefcase (if you have one). Little touches like that, and remember don't wear a lot of jewelry that can be distracting.


i'm overpriced :/
Oct 23, 2008
thank you guys! this is all great advice and i'm definitely doing my research re: legal and specifically intellectual property issues in the fashion industry.

maybe i should be more specific in terms of what i have. i usually use a black BV veneta for work, so i hope that's conservative enough - i don't really have anything "structured" per se besides chanel flaps (red and beige). of those options, what do you guys think?

as far as the suit goes, should i go for something crazy expensive (i can drop $1k for this if i need to - this is like the internship of my dreams) or do you think something like a theory suit would be sufficient?

keep the great advice coming guys, i really need (and appreciate) it!


Feb 2, 2010
your suit is nice. not too formal. even if you're at a fashion house, you're still a lawyer working with other lawyers. i don't think they're going to judge you on your fashion sense because that's not going to really be an asset to the legal dep't (although you should be knowledgeable about the company you're interviewing at). and since you're applying for a job, it doesn't hurt to be dressed more formally or conservatively than everyone else.

but i don't think you have to do a black suit with pinstripes. you can do a beige or light grey suit, esp. since it's summer, as long as the suit itself is appropriate. and theory, escada level is perfectly fine. probably the suits you wore for your firm interviews will work, you just don't have to be as ultra conservative if you don't want to. congrats on the interview, that's fantastic! good luck!


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Jul 25, 2006
nice suit. I sometimes wear a bright vintage scarf around my neck to compliment a conservative suit. If not, i swear by classic pearls or a vintage bauble. I often get complimented on my respect for vintage jewelry.

Also, I always look at a persons shoes, so I recommend a Ferragamo pump. They last FOREVER.
Oct 16, 2007
I'm a lawyer in NYC. I would wear a great suit that you feel really comfortable and confident in (I wear a lot of theory skirt suits), nice but work appropriate shoes (I have a pair of Jimmy Choos that are just plain black nicer pumps), stockings, and maybe a slightly dressy shell/tank instead of a regular button blouse. I rarely wear a blouse and have worn shells on many interviews and have been fine.

Carry a normal bag - nothing too fussy. You want to look polished and professional. Once you start your internship, you can adjust your dress code to what the people in-house are wearing.

Edited to add: good luck!


i'm overpriced :/
Oct 23, 2008
thanks everyone! i think i've tentatively narrowed it down to the following:

-black pinstripe suit (basically as seen above, with a few small differences)
-black and white chanel scarf tied neatly around the neck (i need to youtube a tutorial or go hang out at the hermes forum or something, lol)
-white silk shell/button down
-black pumps (prada or bally)
-black portfolio/maybe medium veneta in nero

i think the scarf will add a little pizzazz, but i'll keep the rest conservative, like you guys said. thank you so much everyone and wish me luck!