Workplace Interview for college pharmacy program

Feb 19, 2008
Baton Rouge, La
Hi ladies.
Next week I have an interview for the pharmacy program at my school and am
Curious as to what to wear!
So far, I am wearing a black dress and blazer I brought from
Banana republic and was going to pair it with black tights and probably 3in closed toe heels. I am also gping to tie my hair back intp a low pony tail. Is that too drab? Or is that appropriate enough?

Also, what questions should I look out for?

Thanks so much ladies!


Feb 15, 2011
Massachusetts USA
Honestly - that's a lot of black from top to bottom. I'd switch to nude hosiery. And yes - definitely closed (not open) toe shoes with nylons. It sounds good! Also remember toned-down makeup, jewelry, clean/trimmed nails, and no perfume or scented lotions. Other than that don't worry too much about how you look. The objective is that it appears crisp and polished but is just the background to you :smile:

Expect the usual questions. Copying/pasting from my response in another thread because I'm lazy ;):...the standards are always the same so think about answers about your skill sets, experience, what you think your shortcomings are, your biggest professional accomplishment/challenge/failure, etc. Know a bit about the company and go prepared with a couple of questions about it or the position. Also, remember to try to formulate answers before speaking. (So many of my interviewees rush to answer quickly and that's not needed.) It's also okay to pause to think about an answer, say "that's a good question - let me think about it for a moment" before providing a response.


Jan 3, 2009
I interviewed for a Ph.D. program in the humanities so obviously some questions would be different, but I would think a couple of stock questions would be:
-Why do you want to be in this particular program?
-What do you think are the major issues in the field, and what is your take on them?
Feb 19, 2008
Baton Rouge, La
thanks for the tips ladies.

i thought the black on black was excessive too but i couldnt find anything i would like, should i settle for a pant suit instead? i want to make a good impression. and really no perfume? i also thought about adding a cute broach to my all blackoutfit..

as for the questions.. i assumed the usual, why do you want to go into this field and what interests you about it?
im just so nervous!
Aug 4, 2006
good luck! i did a 0+6 program so our pharmacy interview wasn't important... as in it didn't matter since we were in the program already. i was so nervous and naive as i only wore a nice black dress, black stockings and black kitten hills! lol. they also asked what i believe is proper punishment for those who cheat in pharmacy school and if i had any religious beliefs that would prevent me from dispensing drugs i.e. plan b or what i thought about it... i can't really remember