Workplace interview for an internship!


Jul 21, 2010
I have an interview for an internship with a social media/advertising/promoting company in my city that is targeted mainly towards young adults. To me this seems like it would be a more casual meeting as the company is geared for a more young urban crowd. I am going crazy over the outfit possibilities right now. Casual, business casual, business? Should i wear something hip and trendy as if I was meeting my friends for coffee? We are meeting at a coffee shop if that gives any hint as to what I should wear. Advice please! I have pretty much anything you can imagine in my closet.

Also, I haven't interviewed for a new position in maybe 2-3 years. Is it still the same, "tell me about yourself...." "when was a time you encountered this problem..."?? I don't know what to prepare myself for!
Oct 20, 2008
congratulations on the interview!

i would still wear a suit but a more fashion forward suit: a close fitting jacket and slim leg trousers (can even go a little cropped) and heels. that way you're still dressed young/hip but dressed up enough that you show you care about the interview/getting the job.

if you want to go a little more casual, then a good slim sweater/knit the same color as the pants will give a clean line so you still looked dressed up without feeling overdressed. accessorize both outfit tastefully.

interviews have not changed much. just make sure you know why you want to job and specifically why you want the job at that company.

good luck!


Nov 22, 2011
Chino Hills, CA
It's always better to overdress than underdress. You don't want to show up to an interview where you are in a more fashion forward (too hip) outfit but your interviewer being in a traditional suit. I agree with the above but would also add that I tend to bring a blazer along (hanging on the back of the chair) so that if they show up and are in suits, then you can always put it on. But then my profession demands suits daily so I'm probably bias in that opinion. :smile: Good luck with your interview!!

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Jul 7, 2006
Los Angeles
I suggest more along the lines of business casual. When I first started interviewing straight out of college, my sisters (older) told me I needed suit. I never got one even though I would have had I had the money or was able to find one that fit me well. I was interviewing for marketing/advertising jobs and wore some sort of basic black dress, that looking back, wasn't that great of a choice, but did result in me getting a job anyway.

Since you're meeting at a coffee shop, I'd say it's pretty casual. But as someone already pointed out, it IS better to be overdressed. You want to look like you care. You should dress stylish but still professional - like maybe black wide leg or cropped pants (tailored, nice materials), with a printed or bow blouse tucked in, and possibly a nice, fitted blazer (optional). A nice pencil skirt or a-line skirt would work as well. For shoes I'd go with basic pumps, nothing too drastic. Maybe 3-4" at most? I know a lot of people advise for a more conservative heel height, but I've worn classic pumps with large heels (4" and up) and have been fine. Again, I have worked in advertising and fashion, so these jobs are more liberal and creative. To top it off, I'd also add some great jewelry. Nothing TOO statement-y, but something that shows you pay attention and have good taste. Check out Theory. They have great hip professional clothing. Things definitely to never wear at an interview even if your interviewers are wearing them - jeans, shorts, tanks (without something over them), sandals, most boots, bodycon anything, anything you'd wear to a club (duh), t-shirts.

You want people to remember you for YOU moreso than your clothing. Your clothing just compliments you and helps display some of your personality.

And to this day I do not own a suit.


Feb 15, 2011
Massachusetts USA
I also would lean towards a polished business casual look - slacks, blazer, etc. If in doubt a suit is always fine to err on the side of professional. Remember toned down jewelry and makeup, no perfume, clean nails, bring hard copies of your resume. I do advise against killer heels, sandals, open toes (for professional environments), and pantyhose with open toes is always a no-no.

Re your question about interview questions - the standards are always the same so think about answers about your skill sets, experience, what you think your shortcomings are, your biggest professional accomplishment/challenge/failure, etc. Know a bit about the company and go prepared with a couple of questions about it or the position. Also, remember to try to formulate answers before speaking. (So many of my interviewees rush to answer quickly and that's not needed.) It's also okay to pause to think about an answer, say "that's a good question - let me think about it for a moment" before providing a response.

Best of luck!
There was a post on the blog Man Repeller a while ago that addressed the issue of what to wear when you're interviewing for a social media job but still want to look stylish. It's pretty much a modern take on the traditional blazer + trouser combo, but making sure you keep it individual and not too conservative (you still want to show you're in tune with what young people are wearing and look fresh/current).


Mar 11, 2010
Planet Earth
I would wear some black slacks and some med height heels and probably a collar shirt or cardigan. I don't like the look of suit jackets. You could wear a necklace or bracelet for accessory but I wouldn't overdo it.