Interview for a new Coach Outlet

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  1. I have an interview on Wednesday with the new Coach Outlet coming to my town at the Tanger Outlets. I am so nervous about it! I dont know what to expect since it is a high end store. I previously worked for Rue21 outlet and it was always hectic and we would close at 9 and sometimes would not leave until 12-1. So i am pretty good with things like that.
    Do any of you know what kind of interview i should expect and the hiring process? Background check, drug tests, questions, demonstrations, training? Basically everything you know about the hiring and interview process i would love to know! And of course, do you think black slacks with a pink top both from banana republic would be alright? And oh yes, what should i expect if it turns out not to be 1:1 and ends up being a group interview?

    Thank you guys!:smile: i really hope i get it!
  2. I can't give you any info on what to expect but I do want to say "Good Luck"! If possible, maybe wear black slacks, a white button-up shirt with a black sweater over it like the SA's wear....just a thought. Be sure to let us know how it goes!!
  3. Good luck! That is super exciting! I hope you get it! Your outfit sounds cute :biggrin:
  4. Good luck!
  5. Good luck! I don't know if the process is the same for the outlet as for full-price, but I was required to interview in dresscode -- black pants/ skirt; white, long-sleeve button-down top; black sweater/blazer; black shoes. You might want to find out if you are required to do the same.

    My interview was 1:1, not a group one. I don't know if yours will be the same or not. I did do a group interview once in the past though, and I actually enjoyed it. Just make sure you raise your hand and volunteer answers regularly. If you are silent, they won't ask you back. Usually group interviews get a kind of flow going to them and just make sure you jump in on it. ;)

    Since you already have retail experience, you should be fine. Just make sure you sell yourself! Don't be scared to brag. One thing I did before mine was look up sample interview questions on google and practice my responses -- it's not good to pause for a long time and think about it on the spot. I think it really helped. I was more prepared than I needed to be and it paid off!

    Again, good luck!
  6. Good Luck sounds like a lot of fun!!!
  7. The most important question is, of course, what your discount would be!
  8. good luck !
  9. Wear the dress code, earrings/rings/polish too (as required or pair down to meet the limit), a small coach item to bring with you for your accessories isn't a bad idea.