interview fashion question

  1. ok so i just got an interview at one of my favorite designer's company. what do i wear to the interview? all of that designer? one piece? a few? some of their items are very popular and well known and i think wearing something like that is too obvious. what would you do? i REALLY want this job.
  2. Gosh, how exciting this must be for you!
    I think you should keep it low profile and wear one or maybe two pieces of their collection. I'm not sure which designer's company you're talking about, but maybe you can wear one piece of jewellery and a bag?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, good luck!! :flowers:
  3. i do have a bag, that's a good idea. i have 2 bags, 2 pairs of shoes and a ton of clothing.

    i am thrilled. its major entry level but i don't have fashion experience so i don't care. i just really love the company.
  4. agree :yes:
  5. Agree 2. Subtle. Less is more.
    That's so cool you've got an interview ! I keep my fingers crossed and wish you the best of luck, keep us posted !
  6. They will sense your love for their company immediately, I'm sure :yes:
    When do you have your interview? Just so I know WHEN to keep my fingers crossed ;)
  7. thanks everyone.

    sorry, i didn't realize this should be in the wardrobe section since it's about an interview.

    anyway they asked me to come in on monday. i'm trying to switch the time and haven't heard back yet. so cross your fingers for me monday as of now!

  8. Yea finn- fingers crosses and sending well wishes. But most importantly, will you get a discount?!?!
  9. aw good luck!! And wear just subtle pieces from their collection
  10. AW THANKS BLEW! lol. i dont know. i met someone who works there once and i don't think they do. but i know most wear the designer to work.

    i agree chelsae- thank you! just trying to figure out which is most subtle but still recognizable, kwim?
  11. Very exciting! Good luck. I am sure that you will look fab and stylish.
  12. Good luck!
  13. thanks everyone!
  14. Wow, congrats and good luck.

    I would go for black in those designer pieces if you want to go for subtle (can never go wrong with black) - but depends on the designer!
  15. ok so it's finalized- tuesday afternoon. i might hit bloomies this weekend to see if i can find something new in her collection. otherwise i'll work with what i have...