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  1. Question to all:

    Under a suit, for a job interview, do you HAVE to wear a typical button-down blouse (collar over the suit and all). I saw some cute shells today while shopping (I've attached one I actually bought), but was wondering what everyone thought. Maybe wear the typical button down in a "safe" color for the interview, and save the shells for the work-place?

    I am in the science field, so I apply mainly for laboratory/testing (supervisory) positions (I'm 27, if that helps!).
  2. I don't think so! I wore an adorable cream and black satin shell under my suit to my NHL interview & was hired immediately! Sports tend to be so male-dominated, I had to try to retain some of my femininity. Plus I just do not look good or feel comfortable in a blouse. I felt much more confident in the satin shell! I say if it looks appropriate with the suit and you feel confident in it, go for it!

  3. Thanks for the reply :smile: Well I think I'll end up doing that too. Now I wonder, maybe I'm overthinking the whole interview outfit issue? :p