Interview Clothes

  1. Hello, I will be attending a job fair in the fall and was wondering what are appropriate interview shoes and outfits. Such as how high should my heel me or should I go with flats. I need all the help I can get I've been researching but also want some of your guys opinions. Also where can I shop for interview clothes? and does anyone have examples they can share. Thank you :smile:
  2. What's your budget? I'm assuming you're a student? Zara and H&M are great options for dress pants. I find a lot of cheaper stores, the pants are very thin and "clingy" and therefore not the most professional. What is the position for? Definitely a dress shirt and dress pants, but if it's for a professional job a nice blouse and a blazer is good (or a dress shirt-although personally I don't feel comfortable wearing a dress shirt under a blazer).
    I'm 5ft10, so I always wear flats (I can't find dress pants long enough to wear with heels anyways). Personally, I'd say not to go very a very high heel, and keep it black. If you prefer flats, pointy black flats look a little more dressy.
  3. You can find some good sales at Express. I always buy my work clothes from them, sometimes shirts at H&M. as for heels I'd say never wear anything more than 3 inches.
  4. meganfm: I don't really have a set budget and yes I am a student :smile:. I'm not near a Zara and the only Zara's near me are in SF. H&M clothing never fits me they do have some nice clothes.

    I'm applying to banks and firms basically I want to do something such as a financial advisor things related in that field.

    How do you feel about pencil skirts? If that's appropriate. I'm the opposite of you because I'm 5'1" and dresses pants are so long on me and makes me look shorter than I already am.

    simplegrl: I agree express has awesome clothes. I feel that I look funny in heels that aren't 4 inches since I'm so short or not tall as I would call it. I guess I need to go look for some kitten heels?

    Thank you for your suggestions. I really appreciate them :smile:
  5. For clothes, I would suggest The Limited or BCBG. Both have work attire, and frankly, the Limited tends to have clothes 'inspired' by looks from BCBG. I think the Limited also has a store tailor, so if the pants are too long they can hem them (although I could be wrong on this). So it is really up to your price point.

    I am about your height as well, and I understand not wanting to look/feel short, but in an interview situation you have to avoid giving off the wrong impression. Unfortunately, heels that are too high can give off that impression. As simpleqrl said, I probably wouldn't go any higher than 3 inches.
  6. If you're applying to banks and firms, I think the suiting at Express isn't professional enough. I had looked at suiting there when I was trying to get some interview attire (I ended up getting a Theory suit on sale) and I found the cut of their jackets to not be very professional.

    You can definitely wear a skirt suit, but if you're applying for more formal positions you should probably wear nude hose with it (I hate wearing nude hose, so I always wear a pant suit to interviews. And like others mentioned, keep the heels under 3 inches.

    If you're 5ft1, you should check out the blog she's a really petite blogger who works in a pretty formal professional environment. She has GREAT tips and most of her wardrobe isn't ultra expensive (I think she shops at Ann Taylor a lot). I think it would give you a lot of good inspiration!
  7. I second The Limited but it depends on your body type. Best of luck!!!
  8. I third the Limited, I just think the fabrics they use wear very nicely, keep and eye out for their clearance and you can get some great deals. I feel that Express clothes can be a bit flashy and tight, so I would be careful with that. If you go with heels, make sure they are close-toed, I think anything too strappy can come across as an sandal, and many work places have dress codes against open-toed shoes. But if you can wear them (meaning walk confidently in them, not look like you're playing dress-up) then I would go with heels rather than flats. For a banking position, stick with something fairly conservative in cut and color (black would be my suggestion).

    Good luck, let us know how it turns out!
  9. I suggest try to look at your closet (will not cost you so much:smile:) formal attire is the best outfit but mixed it with a little sexiness, likes tube or satin top over a blazer and not so long fit skirt and a nice pair of wedge since you don't really feel comfortable with heels:smile:)
  10. I'm 5'1" so I can sympathize. I usually wear my Guess Carries to an interview because they look nice, but they aren't as flashy as Loubies. I get my work attire from Banana Republic, BR Outlet, and the Limited. I like the fit of the Limited pants best because they are flattering and not as suit-like as BR. However, BR's are lined and tend to wrinkle less.
  11. You need your suit to be extra sharp. No polyester. Buy it in a size bigger than your own size , and then have it altered to fit you properly. Mid heel shoes, not too pointy. Pastel shirt, but do bring a White one in your handbag just in case. Bring a travel iron to give it the last touches before the interview. Competition is high at the moment so you need to dress the part.
  12. It's a good idea to invest in a good interview suit as you will be going to a lot of them. Besides the ones listed above, you might want to take a look at JCrew. This is sale season so you have a good chance of getting really nice clothes/suit for a reasonable price, so check Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, etc...

    As for heels, if you are comfortable walking in high heels, then do so. But I would suggest forgoing the stilettos - and definitely no Louboutins - those red soles are way too loud. If you really want to wear the 4inchers, then go with a wedge (the leather wrapped ones are great)...they tone down the heel look, but you're still 5'5".

    Good luck!
  13. For interviews in professional, highly conservative environments, I wouldn't want to mix any sexiness in. You don't want to give the wrong impression.
  14. agreed. Stock up on blazers (useful and can transform a business casual outfit), button downs, slacks/trousers (get them tailored!) and a-line or fitted knee skirts(tailored if possible).

    and keep a lint roller in your purse (mandatory)
  15. I agree. I think a tube top is realllly inappropriate in any sort of professional environment. Also, i don't think it's been mentioned, but be careful not to layer on too much jewelry. I would stick with stud earrings, a thin necklace (if any), and one ring per hand.

    I don't feel an interview is the place to show off your personal style, just keep it toned down, yet polished. It's for this reason I keep the tattoo on my forearm covered in an interview...while I love it, I know some people don't like the way they look; I'm completely fine with that and would rather not take my chances "being myself" and lose what could be a great job. Basically, make sure the focus is on your qualifications, not your style. ;)