Interview Attire?

  1. After being unemployed for 2 months, I'm going on my first 'real' interview tomorrow.

    I'm wearing a white collared button up with a black fitted blazer. My question is: am I supposed to bring the white collar out over the blazer or just leave it tucked it?

  2. i think both ways are fine... if it's a more conservative job just leave it tucked in ... that's how i'd approach .....
  3. I agree. :smile: They both would look fine!
  4. 3rd OK here, either way is fine- & GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
  5. Good luck with the interview!!!!!!! You must be so excited! As for the blouse, I would tuck it in, but that's just a matter of personal taste.
  6. thanks for all your advice..i'm confident that i nailed it! =)
  7. Awesome!!! OK I'm late to this thread, but I agree, either way is fine.
  8. Should you always wear a suit to an interview? Or does it depend on where you interview? I'm interviewing next week for an internship. I already know that their everyday dress is business casual. So, how should I dress for the interview?
  9. i think its always safe to dress in a suit for interviews. it shows that you are serious about the job.

  10. Thank You!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm sure you looked great! Can't wait to hear how it all turned out... Good Luck!
  12. I agree. I prefer going conservative and wearing a suit; even if you know they are business casual. When interviewing people, I tend to take the candidates who wear a suit more seriously. Somehow they seem more capable. That's always a good image to project IMO. You can dressed more relaxed once you have an offer.

    Also, I agree either way is fine for the shirt. Hope the interview went well.