Interview attire for "jean-friendly" office?

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  1. I need a little input here. . . there are people who are very good at getting jobs and you probably matched up your interview attire with culture? I have been reading various sources and am finding that wearing a traditional suit might not "fit" the culture. I am not saying be underdressed. Funds have been low and I just couldn't spring for a new suit. I have suits, but they are old and not only that, this is a cold winter. I had thought about wearing a charcoal grey suit. It hits just above the knee (I am 5'3 1/2) and plan on wearing tights. It's not a classic suit, so I wonder if I could wear that? I did wear it out and about as a "dress rehearsal." I asked some people what they thought. They said it looked OK. It fit, etc. Should I wear it? My other option was to wear black pants with a jacket. I wish I could have paired the charcoal jacket with pants, but I don't have any that will match with the jacket. Your thoughts? I have so much to worry about. If I can get take of this, that will be one less thing to worry about.
  2. Where is the interview? Tech company? Finance? Retail?
  3. It's not retail or tech. It is information-related, content, databases, etc. for libraries and schools.
  4. Could you wear dress pants with a nice blouse and a fitted cardigan instead of a jacket?
  5. You see, I don't think I have a nice enough cardigan. And I happened to think about the suit that I have at the cleaners. It's the right fit and length, but it has "military or camp style pockets on the front of the jacket and the skirt.
    I hadn't worn it a long time because I had gained weight. Well, I am two sizes smaller, but I am also older and rethinking it.
  6. When you say jacket, do you mean blazer?

    I'd wear nice work pants, a mid-range blouse and a tailored blazer (read: not a suit jacket).
  7. I would still wear dressy pants and a nice dressy top with black pumps :smile:
  8. The "jacket" isn't a traditional blazer with lapels. It is button-down. I forget the actual name for the silhouette. When I think of a "blazer," I think of one traditional lapels. This doesn't have that. I never got it as part of a suit, but whenever I take to the dry cleaners with a pair of black pants of the same fabric, they treat it as a "suit."

    I wish it were not going to be cold. I would have a little more leeway. It will be cold when I set out-- about 10-15 degrees F.
  9. My work environment is jeans casual, too. I've conducted interviews, and I only noticed the clothes if the applicant was dressed poorly. I myself have gone to interviews with just a blouse and dress pants (it's usually warm where I live). You could just wear a coat and underneath have a blouse, or nice sweater and scarf. Or wear the charcoal jacket with the black pants?
  10. Thank you all for your imput. I had the interview on Tuesday. What happened is that I had a "fat day" and couldn't have worn the grey suit without it not looking great and I had a long way to travel. It was quite cold. I ended up wearing a crisp white button down blouse (which I had professionally cleaned and starched) and lined black slacks from Talbots. (Dressy.). Because it was cold, I did put a long, black cardigan. I didn't wear the grey jacket/blazer. It would have been a mixture of textures. You don't wooly with smooth. If the slacks had been wool, I would have done it. I did wear my good cashmere winter coat and my classic Coach field bag. It was so cold walking around; I couldn't have made it without the sweater. And I couldn't have worn the white shirt with the jacket, because of the silhouette. I made sure that my nails and clean and had them done at a nail salon. I wore flats. When I got to the interview, I saw the people were indeed dressed very casually, but not jeans. But the clothes were not particularly dressy. Read "librarian at work." I think it was OK. I would have dressed differently had I not had to trot around in the cold. I knew it was gong to be essentially a 20-hour day. The weather was going to take a nasty turn and I wanted to get the interview over with. Sadly, it was one of "those days" anyway and I struggled to keep going and remain on message.
    Thanks again, all.