Interview at Saks

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  1. Last weekend I had an interview at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston to be a retail sales associate -- and although it went well, the interviewer informed me I was dressed a bit casually. I have another interview this Friday with the head of the HR department, and I was wondering if anyone knows what would be appropriate attire...? Thank you!! :smile:
  2. What did you wear last time?

    I think a smart suit would be appropriate.
  3. Thanks! I wore a dress that I'd gotten from Off 5th, actually, but due to color-blocking it may have looked like a t-shirt & a skirt.
  4. I think for an interview, a sharp suit is a must. Add some accessories for flair but don't go overboard....classy and elegant. Good luck!
  5. Agree with the very minimum a black pencil skirt & crisp button up. Accessories can help too. :smile:
  6. When I interviewed with them I had two very different interviews that day and was trying to dress for both. I ended up wearing a cream blouse, grey cashmere v-neck sweater, dressy black cashmere short coat, trendy long necklace, grey colored straight leg jeans, red spectator pumps and I carried a Saks-exclusive MJ bag. I was interviewing for their WEAR Modern department as a specialist, so I wanted to make sure that I looked like a good fit for that department.

    When they offered me the job and I met with HR, I wore a brown tweed suit that still had some "fashion" detailing.

    I think a black pencil skirt/ slim leg pant, blouse (*no jersey material), and an on-trend jacket would be fine.
  7. Thanks so much everyone, that's really helpful!

    I'm not interviewing for a specific department, because they're not sure what their availability is at the moment, but it could be anything from accessories to contemporary to evening wear. Carrying my LV Monogram Roses pouchette isn't a bad idea! Looks like I'll need to do some shopping before Friday ;)
  8. Some of the departments require suiting or more serious attire from the associates (like men's and certain women's departments), so I would go for as professional as you possibly can with just a few trendy accessories to show that you could also be a good fit in the contemporary departments.
  9. What about a pair of black tailored pants with a white silk top? I'd also wear a black blazer or a grey cardigan.
  10. if you accessorize well (maybe a scarf, or necklace, belt?) your outfit will look better
  11. Thanks!! This is really helpful :smile: