1. It's a show that shows real people dealing with real addictions. Through the episode, one or two people talk about their addictions and what it's like dealing with them.

    What they don't know is that towards the end of the show, their friends and families stage interventions for them. If they decide to accept the help, they go to their treatment centers that night. If they don't, then their loved ones won't have anything to do with them.

    The show is so real, and I think that's what I like about it. By the end of the show, you're just praying for them to accept the help and get better.
  2. We were going to put my alcoholic aunt on this show. but she basically disowned our family and now shes in treatment so all we can do is hope for the best..
  3. I watched this show faithfully for a long time (till moving long-distance turned life upside-down). It was very hard to watch sometimes--the denial, the enabling, the risks the addict would take for another high. I only saw a few follow-ups. Sadly, most relapse, but some people turn their lives around.

    Travis, I wish the best for your family and your aunt. If she wants it badly enough and does what she's told in treatment, she will get into recovery. No one else can make her want it.
  4. I think the bulemia, binging / purging episodes are the worst.

    The day-to-day life and the rituals of the addicts shown are so graphic, and it's amazing to me how people could use food - everyday, nourishing food - to hurt themselves.
  5. Thank you boxer. :smile:
  6. I've been through many a rehab between family and friends. Its hard for me to watch this show but very therapuetic as well. Its like going to Al-Anon meetings - its always good to know other people feel the same way you do and go through similar experiences.
  7. it may be a "program cliche" but its true - trust the process.
    big hug to you.
  8. Good luck with everything, Travis.
  9. Question: For some treatment centers, they drug test the patients Their policy is that if there's drugs found in their system, they wouldn't be allowed in for treatment.

    Isn't that the point of treatment centers? To get the drugs out of the system?
  10. I caught the one episode on that one actress who spends like crazy...and that one guy who was a addicted to gambling and lied to his parents about his $$$ and all that. He was the most obnoxious guy EVER. I got so pist off watching the show that I had to change it. lol
  11. thats why most places require you to detox first. otherwise, the first week or so aren't very productive. I think the test is for drugs/alcohol you may have just consumed cause otherwise no one would be admitted since traces stay with you for years.
  12. Thanks, Bagandshoo.

    The one I was watching was about Cristy.

    Cristy was born into a tight-knit family and sought a career as a clothing designer before she became addicted to alcohol and crystal meth. Now she earns her money as a stripper, and her desperate family knows she needs an intervention.

    She faced her family for the intervention and strongly opposed going to treatment. She said she would rather go to jail.

    They finally convince her to go to treatment, and after 33 days there, she acted up so much she had to be sent home.

    The episode ended with her family taking her into the police station so she could be booked.

    The whole time, I'm thinking, "Idiot! She should've just stayed in treatment!"

    But earlier in the episode, the counsellor said her refusing treatment and wanting to go to jail was understandable, since Cristy hadn't hit rock bottom yet. Once she's hit bottom, then she'll be ready for treatment.
  13. The episode with Cristy was really tragic. Crystal meth is the devil--she was in denial so thick, no one could get thru to her. Given a choice between 2 yr treatment program and 90 days jail, and she picks jail. I wonder what it would take for her to hit bottom and be ready for help.
  14. Thank you guys :heart: :flowers:

    But I watched Cristys episode last night aswell and it literally brought me to tears. :crybaby: Crystal meth is a huuuge epidemic in my area i guess. its easy to get i hear and once ya start ya cant stop. :s :shrugs:
  15. That episode with Cristy last night was so sad...I had to change the channel after seeing what she did to that house and trying to beat up her sister when she came over...