Intervention on LV

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  1. Wow! :crybaby:
    I'm addicted to LV and that's it. No more Chanel, Gucci, Prada... Just LV.
    I didn't realize that it is apparent to family and friends that I have a problem.

    We're not rich, but we're doing financially well.
    I don't buy unless we have the cash ready to pay off the cc.
    Savings is there as well as an expenditure account for each of us (DH and me), etc.

    We're on track to retire... So it was the most surprising event of my day that a close friend, DH (who is one of my enablers), and an innocent bystander casually mentioned an "intervention" :wtf:... WTF??

    Ok ok. I did buy more last month and this month combined in the last 8 years at LV and any other purse/clothes purchases, but I think I deserve it, no??

    I can reason and justify it all I want, but after tomorrow, I'm giving myself a hardcore self-imposed ban (on top of the ban that came from the intervention).
    So I'm going out with a B-A-N-G tomorrow and may just lurk for LV accessories until I can get a "better" job to handle all the bills on my own before asking for anything. :noworry:

    A little peeved, etc, but whatever... They think I'm in denial, so I am admitting to it (because it is partially true! :shame: ) :ban:

    Anyhow, please help me in my very, very last purse purchase (Nimbus Ecru vs. White Onatah GM) until I can land a job that allows me to pay for all household expenses (myself) and my "overly extravagant" purses. :drinks:Cheers!
  2. i'm excited for your very very last purse purchase! can't wait to see what you end up getting. either way, i think you will love it!! be sure to show n tell! ;)
  3. Hey good luck with everything!!!! Out of those 2 bags, I think I'd have to go for the Nimbus!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  4. i feel for ya! i have people in my life that like to "intervine" at times, and tell me i'm a little too addicted too! good luck with the ban, and good luck with the last purchase .. i'm here for ya! haha! :biggrin:
  5. I don't like that word "intervention" ---:yucky:. LOL Let's just say, we are takin' it easy. Just one more purchase for a while and then we'll see what happens.

    So for the time being, get the nimbus. Perhaps this bag will give you the "LV high" for a longer period than the Onatah. Good luck!!!
  6. THANK YOU so much for everyone's responses and support!!!
    You just don't know how much it means to me since no one else understands this.

    I don't know how I'm feeling right now about this whole situation.
    I agree, "intervention" is a strong word. I guess I should just say I'm going to slow it waaay down. ;)

    I'm not spoiled, but I have always got what I wanted (by myself and without any other help) since I started working at the age of 12 so I've been very independent and self-sufficient for a while.
    Things were never handed over on a silver plate to me.

    I work hard at my current job (12-14 hr days) and everything I make goes towards household expenses, except for my own "allocated amount of money", so why (indirectly) tell me now about what to do with my money?

    Because they want this on paper as well as a verbal agreement, I feel restricted.

    I haven't had a hobby or something I liked as much as collecting and enjoying :heart: LV :heart:, so for them to tell me that I need to stop, it just pushes me in the opposite direction. (Just my personality, you tell me that I can't do it and I do the total opposite of what people expect).

    But this time I will put a brake on things until I feel like I'm in control again.

    Still deciding on the last bag(s) though.
    Nakolulu, I'll be sure to figure out how to post pics of my purchase as well as my rather tiny, miniscule LV collection.

    Thanks everyone again for lending a shoulder for me to cry on. :crybaby:

    P.S. Just because they said no more purses, they didn't mention accessories here and there... :graucho:
  7. haha...

    Pinky, I really feel you, but the strength is from contolling urself as you say so that u don't spend too much in a short space of time. I bought 3 LV pieces and a Gucci tote last year and that's way out of my Grad salary. My bf's relationship became extremely strained in that space of time too.

    I've slowed down too and have since then been able to put more things in perspective. Am on a purse ban this year so that I can travel Europe and then buy there! Perhaps aim to only reward yourself for some very very special occasion? That way you won't end up overspending. I wish you the same, and I promise you... no purses doesn't = no accessories. That's right that's what I tell myself too!
  8. yes- accessorize your life! I love the LV accessories and we're here for you!

    I'm in the same boat- big hugs-!
  9. That's ok Pinky. We're here for you. I'm waiting too until I have the cash to buy my next bag. My DH has always been an enabler, he just wants to make sure we have enough to cover everything we're suppose to before i splurge on me. I know that I've bought more things in the last year than I have in the past but I just stopped buying other things to make up for it, no shoes, no new clothes and instead i saved it up to by LV. I think either a nimbus or an onatah would be beautiful. HUGS to you!!
  10. It's so true, but so hard... I will have space out my purchases again.

    Thanks again ladies. I'm off to SF. Hopefully, it will be a fruitful trip!
  11. good luck pinky!! yes, accessories are a lot of fun and can make your old bag feel new again. can't wait to see what you're gonna go out w/ a bang with! yay! :biggrin:
  12. Good luck! i think you should get the Nibus cus it's LE and special! :smile:
  13. I'm getting to be in the same situation as you, but it's my bf who's the only one who has a problem with me buying bags! My friends and family are fine with it so I don't know what to do! I really want to buy a new bag today but I don't want to deal with my bf and if I do buy something today, I also have to go on a self-imposed ban, AT LEAST until my bday in July.
  14. PS: Get the Nimbus!
  15. I'm sorry that they felt that it was necessary to "save yourself" from LV. I don't think that you have a problem if you have the money to pay for things. And I am really put off by the fact that they want you to sign a written agreement. While this "contract" is probably not legally enforceable, it is still really weird to me.

    But you seem to recognize that maybe you went overboard and that you need to slow down, so maybe it doesn't bother you as much as it does me. Oh, well.

    Good luck with the last bag (for a while at least)!