Intervention For Lilo

  1. NEW YORK (KP International) When Lindsay Lohan hosted the late-night sketch comedy show 'Saturday Night Live' for the third time on Saturday (April 15), the cast reportedly set up an intervention for the teen queen gone wild.

    Apparently Tina Fey, writer and costar of 'Mean Girls,' the film that helped propel young Lohan into the limelight, set the intervention up to try and knock some sense into the 19-year-old wild child.
    Lohan's been a constant in the tabloids, which have pointed the finger at her lifestyle from her partying and supposed underaged drinking, to hooking up with a laundry list of male celebs, alleged drug dabblings and even eating disorders.
    "They brought up everything," said an insider from the show. "Nothing was off limits. Tina told her she was wasting her gift of acting."
    'SNL' regular Kenan Thompson said, "You just gotta say, 'Sometimes you shouldn't be doing that. You gotta drop that.'"
    This is apparently the second intervention set up for Lohan in the 'SNL' environment. The show's creator and producer, Canadian Lorne Michaels, supposedly set one up during Lohan's last hosting gig in May, 2005.

    I find it hilarious...clearly she needs one! *sigh
  2. I find it hard to believe that she would actually listen to Tina Fey, but I agree is out of control.:worried:
  3. Really! and considering this is the second one...
  4. you never know when or where someone's rock bottom is. If people keep trying, someone's bound to get through to her.
    She a VERY lucky little girl to have people caring about her like that IMO.
  5. I hope they are able to reach her. She is so young and very talented
  6. I completely agree with you. She really has people that seem to still care. Weird though... I thought she was 'doing better'... at least the tabloaids made it seem that way
  7. I also thought that she resolved to live a healthier life (in all ways). Oh well. Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom and learn lessons on their own. She really is beautiful and I hope she doesn't spoil her beauty with this "fast" lifestyle.
  8. she has been looking better recently than 6 months ago, but she still looks coked out and tired. i thot she was gorgeous circa mean girls and happier too. i hope she gets herself together, shes a great little actress. i really identify with her b/c we're the same age, shes my favorite.
  9. What I find sad is that Lindsey's mother appears to love the attention that bring her because of her daughter's fame. What is wrong with that women?
  10. ^ I agree!
  11. She def needed the intervention. Hopefully she listened to them. But she can't change until she is ready.