Intersting article for Balenciaga fans!

  1. thanks for posting;)
  2. YAY! I wasn't worried about the trendiness, but interesting to see it in print. After carrying a b-bag I don't want to carry anything else! At least not right now. My Hogans are light, but no more heavy bags for me!
  3. I love the last sentence!!!
  4. "In other words, it's that rare thing: just right."


    Thanks for sharing, zacorey!
  5. I agree with the article-I brought my balenciaga to work today so I could go out to cocktails tonight with my coworkers.

    Thanks for sharing the article.
  6. Good article, thanks for sharing!
  7. thanks for posting this article.
    it's always good to hear that balenciaga isn't considered "trendy" and is more of a classic now!
  8. thanks for posting this!
  9. Glad everyone enjoyed the article as much as me!!!
  10. Yay! It's the new classic! I :heart: :heart: :heart: Balenciaga motorcycle bags!
  11. Good article. Thanks:biggrin:
  12. Great article! I love B-bag!
  13. Great article! Thanks for posting this.
  14. You know, it's funny ... I didn't like the Balenciaga bags at first (I was into L/V, Marc Jacobs, Henry Beguelin, etc.) ... but, I have to say that I never use any of those bags now (well - except for my Croccodile Beguelin and on occasion, my Hermes Birkin).

    I just really feel like the Balenciaga fits my personality the best; while I have to be 'serious' at work, I'm a "rebel" at heart!