Interpol Search in USA for NZ Asian man in USA

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  1. Hi everyone, have you heard about this case which has been unfolding in Australia, NZ and USA over the last week.

    A little Asian girl around 3 years old was abandoned in a Melbourne train station a few days ago. The security footage show a man leading her by the hand and leaving her at the station. The authorities couldn't communicate with her but finally worked out who she was by photos of the father.

    The father then boarded a plane for the USA and is believed to be in Los Angeles ( I think)

    The authorities were trying to find the mother.

    The family lives in NZ. THe father is a martial art expert with a history of domestic violence and is known to police. His 20 year old daughter disappeared 5 years ago.

    The mother was found dead in the boot of the fathers car, parked outside the family home in NZ. How horrific! She'd been in there for a week.

    THe grandparents are coming from China to get the granddaughter.

    THe father is still at large, according to the last news report I heard.

    How bizarre, why would he kill his wife, fly to Australia, abandon his gorgeous little girl then fly to USA? What a hideous set of crimes! LEts al hope they catch him!
  2. I heard about this... I was actually reading the courier mail and I saw the bulletin.
    "Young girl found lost at Melbourne train station, please call police station for more details and to claim her."
    I never thought it would end like this though.
  3. that story is huge here in Melbourne at the moment, how could a father abandoned his own blood & flesh in a busy train station. And also killed his partner??? Apparently his elder daughter (half sister to the abandoned little girl) claimed that this man is a violent person. My goodness, I hope they catch him and throw him in jail for the rest of his life. And I wish he'll rot in jail!!
  4. I know!! If I found her I'd just be thinking that she got separated from her mum while shopping or something... not this craziness

    They'll get the ******* who did this to the little one and her mum. He can't hide forever
  5. Wow. :wtf:I didn't hear about that at all. I hope that man is caught before he kills someone else. I hope the girl doesn't become screwed up by this.
  6. I heard she's been adopted, so I think she'll be ok :smile:.
  7. What is the latest on this? Anyone know?
  8. It sounds like he knows he has, to say the least, a "problem," and in his own way and the best way he knew how, committed an act of good parenting by removing the little girl from danger.
  9. The little girl is going back to China to live with the maternal grandparents. Her half sister showed up and is allowed access visits.

    He is still at large.