Internship and Graduate Study

  1. For those who took an internship for credit as a part of your graduate study:

    How well did you feel it prepared you for work in your field? Did you find the work relevant and challenging?

    Did they hire you upon graduation OR

    Did you find work in a place similar to your internship environment?

    Thanks, and please include your field of study in your reply.
  2. Oh dear, no one?! :s

  3. I did my administrative residency (fancy name for a salaried internship) for the NYC public hospital system. This was back in 2002 and I was placed through my school. It really was the best possible experience, both in terms of setting me up for my future career and giving me the experience I needed to transition from full time student to full time employee/student. It was relevant and challenging for the first year and for about 6 months after that. I was hired upon graduation and am now looking to leave.

    In any event, my field was Health Policy and Management, and I was placed within HR/Workforce Development. I do highly suggest that you research current market salaries for what it is you want to do and that if you do stay at your internship site after graduation, that you insist upon being paid a good salary for your skills and experience level. I did not think to do that and am paying the price, no pun intended.
  4. Thanks, Janos. I will esp. keep in mind salary negotiation. I suppose it's so easy to get excited at a decent job opportunity, but I have to keep other things in mind.