Internet Merchandising 101

  1. I do not know the first thing about retail internet merchandising. In the words of Star Jones, "I'm a lawya."

    Clearly, I'm confused as to why the good bags don't appear on the main sale pages, yet I see them here posted on sale more than often. How do you know when they're on sale? If a bag is in someone's shopping cart, does that mean it's "no longer available"? What are the tricks of the online bag shopping game? Where do retailers like Netaporter come into play? Do they have secret links to sales? Please help me--I love you if you do.
  2. I bookmark sale bags I like on NM & BG. Even if the bag is no longer available many times they become available again (due to returns, etc.). This happened twice tonight with bags I had bookmarked. I was able to order a black Botkier Trigger Turbo I've been watching for several days:;jsessionid=YLVJGSWCTXZWWCQAAKJRACY?itemId=prod31570014&parentId=cat6070734&masterId=cat10270740&index=18&cmCat=cat000000cat980731cat6000734cat10270740cat6070734
    and I posted a message about a Bulga bag that became available too. NM usually has a "Premier" Designer Handbags sale page, but it hasn't been up lately. I also use a special Google search I made for myself to find/bookmark bags that were on sale, but are no longer available. Then I just keep checking them. I bought two Chloe: bags this way and a beautiful little Hogan. There are two good sale pages at Saks: and that I check frequently because you never know what will suddenly appear.
  3. Oh GREAT! :cursing: Now you've just thrown like 5 new bags into the mix of my dicision making!!!
    Seriously though, those are great tips. Thanks bunches:smile:.
  4. Sorry! :p