Internet Fraud


A BAL-enced Life!
Dec 6, 2005
I posted this in a different section as well, but thought it might be a good idea to re-post under this title.

Those of you who purchase items on the Internet (whether in eBay or not), should familiarize yourself with this:

This is the link to the FBI Internet Fraud website. This website identifies a number of 'scams' currently going on in the W3C, but also points out where you can report a crime (and yes - fraud is fraud, whether it's on the Internet or not!).

I have reported used this with a seller who attempted to rip me off on an eBay auction. Well, after the FBI intervened, this individual then attempted to call me to try to "smooth" things out (e.g., pay me for my loss). No way ... if she did it to me, she would do it to another ... it's just that I wouldn't let her get away with it!

Bottom line, while I like the Internet for many things (like this forum for instance), the old adage "Caveat emptor" should always apply!