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internet connection in south east asia doomed!


bag greed bug
Jun 4, 2006
as effect to the earthquake in taiwan yesterday, seems like there's huge dmage in the fiber optic placed under the sea and cause trouble i internet connection all over south east asia.
it might took 2-3 weeks to fully recover aaargggghhhh i feel so lost and lonely without internet.
just to write this thread took me like more than an hour and that too done by several attempts of refresh.
i can't open my yahoo mail today... yesterday i managed to open, but can't send a reply messages. the only account i have that works quite well is gmail from google.
it's sooooo depressing :crybaby:
and the internet in my country's only have 17% capacity up till today.


Jan 9, 2006
I know, that's what my bf told me, he's in Vietnam right now. I miss getting my emails from him, but he said most recently that his internet seemed to be working fine, it was just yesterday and the day before that it was really messed up. Hope yours gets fixed soon!