International Warranty for LV?

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  1. hello, sorry if this sounds silly but does LV does international warranty? i'm thinking to ask my friend to get me LV in paris but am afraid if eventually i've some problem with my bag can i go to a local store? how about exchange? tia :yes:
  2. Yeah I was wondering about that too, and for the exact same reason. I'm going to Paris this summer and wanted to get something
  3. I think the warranty applies worldwide no matter which boutique you take it to have any repairs done. Or discrepancy in your purchase.
  4. I think the warranty applies worldwide but I'm not sure about return or exchange because of the different prices in every country.
  5. Warranty is worldwide, as for exchanges, it's best to call your local boutique ......
  6. I bought a black epi koala wallet with palladium hw in Paris this summer, and the silver coating started to peel off quite soon. There was no problem returning it as a defective item to my local store (in Sweden) - they took it back and confirmed that this was a well known problem, so I guess the warranty is worldwide. But I'm not sure about exchange, I think the exchange policy differs between countries.
  7. yup, warranty should remain effective w/in 2 years of purchase? but the exchange policy is different from country to country.
  8. thanks all :smile: !!
  9. don't know about exchange, but they service their bags all around the world irrespective of where you purchased

    I wish Chanel were as helpful

    That's why I love LV so much, the customer service is usually fantastic (not always, but generally)