International VIPs?

  1. Is there such a thing? If I were a VIP in HK and moved to the States, would they have my record on their system?
  2. most likely no, b/c VIC status is granted by your SA. If you are new in town, you might have to wait a bit before regain that status; some SA do check your purchase record to determine VIC or not.
  3. what does it mean to be a vip and how do you become one?
  4. i wan to know the info tooo :tup:
  5. Do LVs customer records cross countries? The first time I purchase something in a different country or even in Hawaii, I've had to re-register to be in that country's/division's system.
  6. VIC-very important client. It's granted by your SA or store manager, you will get special invites, good spot on WL, and those lovely VIC gifts like paper weight, key chain, cards, etc. It really depends on your relationship w/SA, some people spend quite a few in store, but never granted VIC, yet some people hardly frequent the store are granted such status.

    euroaddict, to be honest, i'm not sure if the record is shared international among boutiques. but i do know boutique, eluxury, Saks/NM/Macy don't share same data base.
  7. I dont think they share databases...I am a VIC in Australia and Indonesia and whenI shop at the Singapore boutiques, they dont have my records..:push:
  8. ^Yep- each country has it's own system that's not shared with any others. To my knowlege there's no list or database of VIC- the party invites, VIC gifts, etc. are all determined by your SA. Last year for my birthday my SA sent me the Tour Eiffel flipbook/notepad :love:
  9. princess_asia how much do you spend to be on the VIC/VIP list?
  10. I'm wondering the same thing too!

  11. ^There's no spending minimum to become a VIC- it 100% depends on your realtionship with your SA. You might only spend $2k a year but if you visit/call the boutique often and always buy from the same SA, you could be a VIC.