International TPF Debut - My Two New Speedies ( Guess Which Ones . . . ?! )

  1. I wouldnt leave you hanging! Soooo......

    First one up is my Damier 30!:heart:Give to me by a very special friend for Christmas!
    Unfortunately, I can't stand patinas and the Damier was exactly what I was looking for ...rain repellent -perfect for the weather here! She looked perfect on her own, but I had to accessorize her so she has a perfect pair of Jackie & Lucie keychain attached. She's my everday bag because a little bump and toss doesn't hurt.
    Louis Vuitton should have made the Damier Speedy a regular line long-long ago!


    2nd Speedy is the Silver Miroir!:yahoo: She's just madness! Some people swoon to this design and some absolutely hates it.


    I was extremely fortunate to get her at practically retail and I owe it all to this forum! I'm extremely indecesive (I really wanted the Gold), so my aunt and I decided to co-own this bag. It just arrived today and I'm surprisingly smitten by it. My aunt on the other hand wasn't too impress with the "shine" so I've got full custody now!

    It's an extreme piece, but a definite art form.
    And I'm surprised that not many Miroir fans own the gold Speedy!

    Here's a better and more realistic picture of it without the flash;


    With the flash, it bounces all over the place;


    With all the new designs that LV is experimenting on the Speedies its definitely worth collecting!

    Thanks for letting me share! *heehee feels like a mini presentation*
    Pinkcaviar:heart: :flowers:
  2. congrats!!!! they're both beautiful
  3. wow, two speedies at once!!
    im so jealous about the damier, and you're right.. it seems that either people love the mirroir speedy or they don't, I haven't taken a shine to them yet. hmm.. Though I do love the damier speedy, I tried one on in the store they other day, and was ready to run out with it haha! So hopefully soon ill be able to pick one up.. but till then.. ill just drool over yours. :drool:
  4. Congrats! Very nice!
  5. Stunning.. Congrat's on your awesome purchases.

  6. Congrats!! I'm sure you know, I LOVE the Miror!! I have both and LOVE them..I can't pick a favorite color lol.
    You'll love using it :yes:
  7. wow, that miroir speedy is stunning. the damier, of course, is also gorgeous (i have one, so i'm partial, hehe). congrats!
  8. omg..... i am just droooooooling over the mirroir speedy! enjoy it please!!!! since i can't!
  9. Stunning...both bags in their own way! Congrats.
  10. Congrats!! simply stunning!
  11. congrats!
  12. congrats!
  13. Congrats! Wear them in good health!
  14. congrats! i love the silver miroir speedy.
  15. lovely "twins"! especially like how Jack and Lucy on the Damier Speedy (makes me want one too)!