International Sites


Jan 8, 2006
Hey everyone

Me again! I was just wondering if any of you knew any websites that sell BAGS (of course) and they're willing to ship overseas!

Basically, looking for any brand - doesn't matter!!!

BRING IT ON!!! :biggrin:

I hope this was the correct place to post this! If not, PLEASE let me know!!!!!!

Thanking you in advance!

Helen :lol:
i read that too but then i asked and they said it was no problem. all you need is a credit card, you can even place your order in with the SA in the chatroom.
ayla said:

There's a bunch, but the problem will be the customs fees.. they can get quite hefty !

Love designergoodsonline! I bought a prada sport messenger bag there a couple of years ago for my laptop! great deal!