International Shipping - Which to use?

  1. When looking for the rates for USPS Express, I see both Global Express Guaranteed (more $) and just Express Mail International. Do they both come with tracking and will there be signature delivery?

    I will be shipping a purse worth over $1,000 so I want insurance and the whole nine yards. I do not want the buyer to pay alot for customs through USPS. Has anyone tried using U-PIC for insurance?
  2. I heard that EMS is the best to go with, but you can only insure up to $500 dollars. You should check to see if Global Express can offer more coverage. EMS also provides signature delivery as an option.
  3. If the bag's value is $1000, and you are shipping it overseas via USPS, Global Express with insurance is the only secured way to do. This will protect both you and the buyer. However, since the item is insured with value, the buyer will have to pay custom fee if there is any.

    Don't settle for less since you might will end up pay more. About Global Express or Global Express Guaranteed, GEG ships faster but it costs A LOT more. I would say Global Express with insurance is your best bet.