International Shipping Rates

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  1. Does anyone have an idea what the rates are like for international shipping from the US to South Korea?
  2. doesnt it vary store to store? since it depends on what courier they choose to use or what deals the store has with a specific courier
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    For an average (3) lb. shipment from the US to South Korea, with Bongo International, or - it would cost $49 with a subscription. BongoUS gives you two options, a US Address for either a flat $5 or $15 per month- which grants a bigger discount off the international shipping cost plus free package consolidation. It's quite useful if you like to shop for deals online !! Goods get around the world in 4 days too :smile:
  4. i think nordstroms charges $40 for international charge sends but you will have to pay any resulting duties.
  5. I just paid $75 for international shipping to Singapore from Nordstrom. Neiman Marcus is slightly cheaper at $50.
  6. does anyone know if the bag is declared as a gift, will customs still check up on it?
  7. Nordstrom used to charge $40 flate rate for international shipping when they used DHL but now charges $75 flat rate when they switched to UPS recently.

    Saks ships via Fedex and charges a flat rate of $50 for international shipping.

    HTH ;)
  8. i just ordered yesterday from nordstrom, and it still $40. i live in europe.
  9. chanel las vegas $100 to scotland, neiman marcus $24 usa to scotland,it does depend on deal with their couirer,it is better for you,to open your own shipping acount,if going to shop in usa more than twice a year,jenaR has given you a company,there are a few others as well,bluefly uses,and there very cheap
  10. I live in Singapore... maybe that's why :smile: