international shipping question

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  1. this is my first time to have something shipped internationally...normally i wait for a relative to come home but there was something i wanted and decided to go thru with the transaction

    anyway, the item left the US on March26, 2008..its supposed to be bound for the philippines......coz i called the post office yesterday and they said they would get back to me on the status of my bag....but i havent heard from them so far

    im just a bit worried...has anyone lost a package internationally? and can i still track my package on the usps web site? coz all i get is that it is for international dispatch and it left the US on march26, 2008

    thank you so much
  2. just hold tight, international shipping can always come later than expected..its only been 5 days...usually it can take 7-10..
  3. did u ship it by EMS? it is normal.. my bag dont have any update for almost 10 days after international dispatched and it arrived finally... do you have the tracking no?
  4. yes the seller gave it to me when he shipped the item...i was able to track it while it was in the US

    our postal service sucks...the website doesnt offer tracking yet...its just that ive heard horror stories of lost packages and that the items were under declared

    i dont even want to think about that but i dunno what i should do if that happens coz the item was around $300 and it was underdeclared
  5. ok ok ill keep that in mind...just a bit antsy since its my first time to do this and i have a lot of watched items on ebay that i wana purchase and just have them shipped internationally :smile: thank you!
  6. if it is over 5 working days since it was shipped. u can tell the seller to file an inquiry. from my experience, it does speed up the process.. but of course this is case by case.. but it will be better than just wait? ( i guess? )

    But dont panic yet.. give it a bit of time. sometimes EMS takes 1-2 weeks.. depends on which country it goes to... from US to NZ, sometimes it can be as quick as 4 days or as long as 14 days.
  7. no worries, I think you should receive it soon
  8. ok i guess im just impatient..ill just wait it out for a few more days say 5? then if its not yet here...ill push the panic button hehehe thanks everyone!
  9. Seriously, don't worry yet. I have packages sent via EMS from the US to Saudi Arabia all the time. The quickest was 5 days and the longest 14 days, so don't despair. As for the tracking, my packages have always arrived before the tracking is updated correctly on the website, so don't go by that. Be patient.
  10. ok thanks minimouse :smile: sorry for jumping the gun
  11. I know what it's like B3stbuy, I'm always so impatient when I'm waiting for a package. The worst experience for me was when a seller told me she had shipped EMS and when it hadn't arrived after a week, I was panicking. After 2 weeks, I was beside myself. I e-mailed the seller who only then admitted she'd sent it Priority Mail. I was so mad. All that panic and upset, thinking it was lost. It arrived a few days later, thankfully.
  12. i'm in the same country as you and i have to say, customs really takes its sweet time. my items will normally take 35-40 days before they even send me the ticket telling me to go pick up my item at the post office. :rolleyes:
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