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  1. I don't often order my RM bags from the RM website, and the last time I did it was shipped via a courier. This time, however, it seems they have used Pitney Bowes and I have been given a tracking # that starts with TPBAA000etc with no clear instructions on exactly how to track it.

    Anyone not from the US been able to track their package lately? Any tips?
  2. i emailed them and then they gave me a link to a webpage where i can track my order with that number. but i know you can track yours on RM website thru the track this order function. there might be a delay though.
  3. Thanks for your help KaseyHK, I now see the link to track my package. The font was so small I completely missed it!:lol: Will be able to stalk my latest purchase now :biggrin:
  4. I don't mean to hijack the thread,but could someone give the link to the website where you can track from PBI? :angel: I'm having problems logging into the RM site so I can't find it from there.

  6. Can u please write the e mail adress u used so we can ask them about tracking our items

    thank u
    16 West 22nd Street, Floor 7
    New York, NY 10010

    For questions or concerns please send an email to or call us at:
    Monday - Friday, 9:00am ET - 6:00pm ET
  8. Thank you for your good help