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  1. I will be in Europe for a pretty long peroid of time so I thought that I'd ask if someone has experience with international shipping...How much are the costs to Italy, France or Germany - is there any company that you can suggest (like fedex or usps or ups or ? )? Which sellers do ship international that you could recommend - i already saw that revolve does ship international..

    And last but not least: Did anyone ever try ?

    TIA :yes:
  2. I live in Canada & buy everything from websites & it is cheaper to have the items shipped to the usa so I use myus. I've had a few minor problems but overall I am happy & they consolidate all my items in one box so it is cheaper to ship them all at once together than several packages.
  3. how long does it take until they forward your things? also: if you place a few orders on different websites and you tell them about it - do they wait until all your shipments arrive til they send them to you in one package?
    thanks for your help!
  4. oh and how do you deal with custom?
  5. I also have some questions for people who have used this.
    Im in Europe and would love to use sites such as Eluxury etc. So Im wondering what the charge to send to Europe would be and also how long they take before shipping and what if there are problems, do they cover this ?. Thanks
  6. ohh just read into this and there is a charge but I was thinking is there a charge for a one time use also ?. I want to buy something and it will be a one time thing, how would I go about this and are there any other sites ?. Thanks again and sorry about all the Q's
  7. did you mean a charge concerning or eluxury?
  8. a charge by, you have to pay to use the service even if you arnt using it once u sign up :sad:
  9. yes they have a monthly service fee...
    but I don't mind that since I'd sign up for a month and then order everything during that certain month...
  10. I have an account at myus (but I havent't used it for some time). You can have them send your things whenever you want. They wait till you tell them. If you log on you can see which invoices arrived for you. The good thing about myus is that you don't pay as much custom fees as you normally would, because they only declare a part of the price (what the seller paid for the item, don't know the term in english). THe shipping is not as expensive as UPS or some other would be.
  11. thanks so much for sharing your experiences...:smile:
  12. I have myus hold my packages for me... sometimes for at least 2 months & then they ship all my items together in one box. In terms of customs, you actually tell them how much you want the value to be of our items. They will actually even remove the price tags for you on items so you don't need to declare the actual value of the item

  13. They open your packages?

    Wouldn't the packing slips from the places you purchased from still be included in the shipment in case you need to make a return and these would show the price?