international shipping makes my stomach turn =/

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  1. ugh, so i was selling this bag and had it for SUCH a dirt cheapprice and it was brand new never used.... i was desperate to sell this person from another country bought it...and i am so worried that i will not write the address correctly on the package..foreign addresses are so different from US and I just am so scared of making a mistake and having it get lost..what should i do..
  2. Check and recheck the address and get shipping with insurance and a signature the other end and you will be fine..
  3. Use the shipping service, they always fix the address format when completed. Just remember to ask for the plastic envelope (Form E ????) at the post office to hold the papers and adhere them to the package
  4. Get the confirmed adress (iva Paypal) is the safest I think... then email her again about address confirmation right before you shipped Internationally.. and suggest Insurance for protection especially on expensive items (>$500)
  5. If you sold it on ebay using paypal, print the label and pay postage through it. It has the correct address etc. Make sure the address is confirmed, isure and get delivery or signature confirmation. Good luck
  6. i hate international shipping. i always seem to undervalue the shipping price and end up paying more for the shipping of the item than i charged the buyer.
  7. Before I starting Paypal shipping I would just print the address out on Word. This way it was clearly printed, nice large font in bold. Get signature confirmation and insure you package, you should be okay!
  8. you and me both! I stressed about it so much that I will not do it anymore. I've had some horrible experiences, usually pertaining to customs.
  9. I feel for your mustlovecatz. I feel the exact same way whenever I see someone from a country other than Canada/US buy my items. All but one of my overseas transactions have ended well but you can never be too safe these days. I suggest for overseas you send via UPS or FedEx because if something happens to go wrong..USPS can no longer return the package to you once it's left the country since the package then goes into the hands of the local post offices..however, since Fedex and UPS are international, the packages can be tracked all the way through.
  10. insurance should make you feel better. please dont stop selling to us international gals!
  11. My USA sellers usually print out my shipping address from PayPal and stick on the box. Use USPS Global Express Mail, it has tracking number.
  12. I was nervous shipping international at first, everything is different.

    I just use paypal to print out the labels, makes it effortless!

    Now that paypal has the new International protection I ship way more items internationally.

    Good luck!
  13. im stressing too much but i dont want to pass up the sale just because its international..ya know?

    thanks for the advice, your right i think shipping with ups or fedex would be better! i never knew that about usps.
  14. I know what you mean about international shipping. It's just that feeling of the unknown... makes me uneasy, as well.

    Keep in mind with FedEx or UPS, your shipping costs are going to be exorbitant. Get quotes before you even quote anything on your listing, because you would be surprised about how expensive it can get. Also, UPS international (and probably FedEx) may charge a "Broker Fee" to the purchaser which is above and beyond the cost of shipping and the cost of customs (if applicable).
  15. I just shipped something to the UK that got lost - I had to refund the buyer and was fighting with the USPS Postal Service to get a refund when it showed up on my door 8 weeks later. So now I'm out the $38 for shipping but at least I have the shoes back.

    I also just shipped a handbag to Greece, and they had a strike in the middle of it that closed the post office (and trash collection - most government services). It stressed me out! But it got there OK.