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  1. Hey guys!

    My boyfriend bought me a purse from Rebecca Minkoff for my birthday from their official website. It says the delivery time is 7-9 days but I still haven't received it (by now I think it's been about 14 days). The shipping company is PBI which I've never heard of and I was given a tracking number but can't find the website to put this number in.

    We contacted RM the other day and still haven't received an email back from them.

    Has anyone from outside the US ordered from them and had their shipment come in much later than the expected time? (I'm in Germany by the way)

    I hope my purse isn't lost forever! :sad:
  2. Hello,

    Don't worry, I've bought thrice from the main site and didn't have any issues for the shipping. I always email them to ask them about the tracking and they will only provide it after it has arrived to my country and transferred to a local courier. Only then, I was provided with a tracking number. My orders always take about 12 days to reach! I'm in Singapore, by the way! :smile:
  3. it usually takes about 10 business days to arrive. i think your order will arrive in a couple of days. :smile:
  4. thanks so much for the reply guys! that gives me hope haha :smile: I guess I'll keep checking my mail box this week! fingers crossed!
  5. Singapore seems to get orders fast. Takes forever to get here to the Philippines, sometimes up to a month!

  6. Wow a month is really too long!!! :/ singapore is small, so easier to receive and deliver parcels? Lol!
  7. Yup, that's why I have orders sent through a forwarder which gets it here in a week.:smile: This woman is not patient hehe.
  8. Hopefully it doesn't take a month!! haha. International mail takes forever in Germany because of customs, but I paid for that in advance so hopefully it doesn't get stuck there!

    On a sidenote, I ordered something from another American website, and it just arrived today! (it took 5 weeks! crazy!!)
  9. I am in Australia and have ordered twice from the RM website. It took a good 3-4 weeks for the packages to arrive. It's also annoying as you can't track the package and you have no hope in hell of getting a reply from the RM customer service department.

    No doubt it will arrive soon.:graucho:
  10. AussieAngelcake, if you have an account on the RM website, there's an option to track your package in the My Orders section in small print next to ITEMS ORDERED. It does take a while to show up though.

    Also, I have noticed that shipping takes twice as long as it used to, as they seem to be ground shipping to another state first, then shipping overseas. Before the change I used to get my items in just over a week, now it is more like 2-4.
  11. Hmm I still haven't received it yet! It was shipped on March 10th so it's been 3 weeks already and customer service hasn't replied yet either. I guess i should give them a call?

    Tried getting the bf to log onto the RM website but he doesn't think he made an account grrr. Very frustrating! :sad:
  12. oh, that's too bad ... keep writing to the CS team. hope they'll get back to you about the shipment of your order very soon.
  13. That's weird, probably ask your bf to quote the order number? They usually get back to me quite fast on the updated tracking!
  14. I'm having the same problem, I have no idea where my purse is or when it'll arrive (I'm from Belgium) and they won't respond to my e-mail in which I requested a tracking number.. lousy customer service..
  15. After calling customer service (since they never replied by email) it turns out that something was wrong with the address (although on the order form I know it's correct!) so it's being sent back to the US!!

    They said they'll resend it free of charge which is nice but definitely won't get it before my birthday then :sad: