International shipping costs.........

  1. I just read Gwen10's post and have a question re International shipping costs also. I want to know if there is a way to find out what the costs (duties, fees, etc.) will be to ship out of the US? I had a very nice lady buy a Miu Miu Coffer from me for just over $1000. I never do this, but she was so nice that I declared the item as a "gift" however, in order to insure the package through USPS, I had to declare the value, so I declared the $1000. Well, she ended up having to pay $400 in fees to Sweden. I felt really bad because she could have bought a brand new Coffer for what she ended up paying for mine! :sad: So, any suggestions on how to avoid this without compromising the insurance securities on my bags? Also, is it illegal or anything to send items as gifts? :confused1:
  2. It is illegal to falsify customs forms, yes. Obviously if the item were actually a gift, then mark it that way. Since it's not, and there is a paper trail to prove that it's not, you're opening yourself up to a real problem if anyone chose to look into it. It's mail fraud, for one thing, which if I am not mistaken is a federal crime.

    As for customs and duties amounts, I don't mean to be a big bad mean seller, but that is really up to the BUYER to figure out before they bid. The rules are different in every country, and sometimes the customs amount will even depend on where the item was originally made--ie, if it was made in France but shipped from you in the US to her in Sweden it might be a different amount than if it was made in Italy, shipped to you in the US to her in Sweden, etc.

    It's not your job to figure this out for them. I hate to be so blunt, because I do love my international buyers, but there is nothing at all we as sellers can do about the customs & taxes their governments impose. Unless we want to break our own country's laws by lying on a customs form, which I personally just can't even consider since I own an incorporated business and am subject to audit.
  3. CynthiaNYC - Blunt is good :yes:. Just wanted to get the info and now that I know........I will definitely follow your advice. Thanks :tup:
  4. No problem at all, I hope my response was helpful! I didn't want to sound mean, so I'm glad you took my post in the spirit in which it was offered. :love:
  5. Cynthia, your advice and input, actually WISDOM in eBay information is greatly appreciated. You seem to know what you're doing and offer honest feedback. It truly saves us so much time from having to look up information, or find out first-hand (which is usually a bad experience).
    Thanks again
  6. Aww! Thank you so much for saying that, sarmel! It's very kind of you!