International shipping complication

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  1. #1 Sep 27, 2012
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    (and adding on to my series of unfortunate events this month)

    I purchased something from China about a month ago for around $100, $40 to ship. I would not have bought it if I can get it anywhere else :sad:

    Long story short, I went through a move during that purchase, the seller originately pulled up my old adress, I changed all my address immediately to the new(even tho I was still not moving until 3 days) and have notified the seller at least 2 times of my new address.

    So the package tracked to my city finally after about 13 days, and it was labeled as missent. I contacted seller right away confirming the address she entered in china ems, and found out she had mixed my current address with my old zipcode b/c she assumed same city same zip.

    So I placed a redelivery w/ usps that day online and explained in the box. I also called their line and was told that the package is still in the US, but the usps tracking info can never be trusted(he said that) so they cannot and will not locate the package. It is probably on its way back to china and theres nothing I can do about it. He asked me if I wanted to file a complaint, I told him I'm not looking to complain, I want to solve a problem. Then he just hung up.

    It took half a month to get here, I don't think it'll just pop back within a week, Im doing all I can. I've called all postal office around the wrong zipcode and was unable to locate. The seller is actually being really nice and doing all she can too with china ems, she even agrees to pay for reship if necessary. that's why I'd feel horrible if she has to pay to shipping again. I know I'm protected by ebay/paypal, but $140 is alot of money in China and I don't want her to have gone through all this stress and trouble to loose this sale + expensive shipping fees.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated T-T
  2. I need to also mention my phone number was on the package this whole time, no one bothered to call.
  3. is complicated! Is the shipping covered by insurance? If it is, the seller should be responsible for tracking the item and resending it. When the seller sent it, isn't there an area where you can mark down "return to sender" if not delivered? Maybe ask the seller that too. Have you looked at USPS website info to see if there's anything on undelivered items etc.? Or trying calling USPS again and maybe get a better employee who is willing to help. Hope it works of! Good luck!
  4. I've had 3 bad employees so far, I don't know if its just a general trend or are there actually any good ones :sad: I think they are returning it, but I just want to save it if I can(since it takes so long!). And also paypal covers 45 days, what if things like this happen and I go out of that range?
  5. Ok...this is what happened to me once....3 years ago I put in the wrong zip code on a buyer's package. It was never sent back to me but rather a month after I shipped it out and several failed attempts at delivery, someone, somewhere, looked up the address in their system and figured out the zip code was incorrect, fixed it, and it finally reached my buyer. In your case, I'm very hopeful the same thing will happen with your package. If you do not receive it before the 45 day limit, open an INR. If you receive it after the claim, just pay the seller back :smile:
  6. Thanks for the heads up, I wish someone would look up the address, but it seems usps is returning it after one missent. And even tho I file for redelivery and called and called, no one seems to care much. sighh. would paypal understand situation like this and give an extension or would I have to file? The seller is being very helpful, but I don't want her to be alerted by this. I have less than 2 weeks left for protection and I know the package can't make a whole round within.

  7. PayPal won't allow any extensions in their policy. Once the 45 days are up, you won't be able to file a claim. Wait till the very last day and if you've still received nothing, open a case but do not escalate just yet. Let the seller know you are only doing that as a precaution and will close the case when you receive your item. Don't be too may burn you in the end because you just never know.
  8. o:huh:oo so I can open the case around the last day and be protected.. is there a time limit on how long the seller must get the item to me?
    Thank you so much :smile:
    until now neither of us has had any luck with postal offices on both sides. sigh